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Title: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: so_P_bubble on June 30, 2018, 11:50:17 pm
Soda Shoppe

for July 1, 2018, 2018

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: so_P_bubble on June 30, 2018, 11:50:59 pm
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: so_P_bubble on June 30, 2018, 11:51:37 pm
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: so_P_bubble on June 30, 2018, 11:52:18 pm
Teacher: Maria, go to the map and find America.

Maria:    Here it is.

Teacher: Correct. Now, class, Who discovered America?

Class:    Maria.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: so_P_bubble on June 30, 2018, 11:53:13 pm
A: I have the perfect son.

B: Does he smoke?

A: No, he doesn’t.

B: Does he drink whiskey?

A: No, he doesn’t.

B: Does he ever come home late?

A: No, he doesn’t.

B: I guess you really do have the perfect son. How old is he?

A: He will be six months old next Wednesday.

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: JaneS on July 01, 2018, 05:43:39 am
Good Morning Everyfriend!  Happy First of July to all!  And thank you BUBBLE for a nice, clean house to enjoy it. 

Today is going to be another scorcher!  Yesterday our high was 97º and it's supposed to be the same today.  I keep my A/C set at 80 and it ran most of the day yesterday.

The doggies are waiting for the boinger so they can have breakfast and I'm going to be off to church at 8.  It's my turn to read the Old Testament lesson today and I love it when I can participate at that level.  It's kind of a neat lesson today all about how God gave us life and he will never take it away.  It's eternal!  Isn't that a lovely thought!

I wish you all a lovely day.  Keep cool!
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Amy on July 01, 2018, 06:47:11 am
Good morning everyone..

Another hot humid day in the making. I plan to stay in and not fry today. Golden girl sure looks different with her new doo and no doubt feels much better in this heat.

Bubble, thank you  for the new home and the giggles too!! Hope Don is feeling better and please say hello and tell him we miss him here.

Enjoy your day everyone..
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Lloyd Hammond on July 01, 2018, 07:53:31 am
Good Morning everyone . we are getting a good easy rain. God is good.
hope everyone is having a good day also.

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: larryhanna on July 01, 2018, 08:38:42 am
 Hi Everyone.  Like about everyone else we are going to be hot here today but not as bad as other areas of the country.  I am hoping we get some rain this afternoon.  As is often the case, we did not accomplish what we had planned as Pat wasn't feeling like getting out to go to get her hair cut and so we just stayed in all afternoon and evening.  I will go to Sunday School and Church in a little while.  Today begins the casual July combined services at 11 am.  We also get will be introduced to our new Associate Minister this morning.  As usual I plan to pick up something for lunch and then have a quiet and restful afternoon watching the end of the golf tournament later this afternoon. 

Gloria, maybe the next rain you have will wash off the spots on the outside.  I think this is the first housekeeper who is willing to do the windows.  She doesn't let any grass grow under her feet and does a very good job and willing to do what is needed.  Since she had done the special work on sealing the island and watching some of the windows in the living area, I had her skip my office other than going over the floor area as it really doesn't get dusty or need much cleaning.  It sounds like you have to be careful in the wind that it doesn't blow you over.  Being too think is certainly not a problem I have. 

Joy, sounds like a wise decision for your son to stay in and rest this next week.  On our weeknight newscast they bring in the weatherman or woman at least every five minutes or so, which seems a bit extreme. 

Jane, did you and your daughter get to eat a little of the jam you made with your breakfast?  I see you had the fresh berries instead. 

Shirley, I know it is the thought of eating a lot of things rather than the actual taste that is the problem some of us experience.  I have never cared for the taste of wild meat.  When I was growing up we sometimes had squirrel or rabbit to eat but don't remember us ever having dear.  I guess they must not have been abundant in our area of NW Missouri at the time.  Wise move on the gift cards and buying gas.  I bet your grands look forward to getting those Amazon gift cards.  For many years, when shopping became difficult for them, my folks would give us $35 at Christmas and I looked forward to that as considered it money I felt free to spend outside of the household expenses.  I haven't heard any fireworks around here yet but sure I will over the next few days. 

Jenny, I bet your dad looks forward to those calls you make and your words of caring and love.  It is not the length of the call but the fact that you cared that is important.  I can understand Diane being concerned.  Lemon is one of my favorite cakes and haven't had any for a long time.  This is the first year that fireworks in Georgia are legal expect in jurisdictions that have separate restrictions.  I have always felt fireworks were a big waste of money although have enjoyed the big displays.  Now it will be on TV or not at all. 

June, nice to see your long posting again and hope that means you had a good day yesterday.  We have two big fireworks businesses within 2 or 3 miles from us but have never been inside of either and won't be.  I guess hearing the fireworks from Disney would be something a person would sort of tune out after awhile.  Glad to see the notepad works well for you. 

Bubble, thanks for getting us started on a new month and a new week.  That is certainly an appropriate graphic for those of us in the USA and the one with the little boy is certainly cute.  I had a chuckle from your jokes this morning. 

Amy, it sounds like Golden girl got trimmed just in time.  Stay cool up your way. 

Lloyd, enjoy the rain. 
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Gloria on July 01, 2018, 08:53:36 am
Good morning every one 77° already this early. According to the "official" weather we only got into the upper 80s yester day but it was in the low 90s here. A difference from where they get that temperature and what we have away from the shore. so no heat wave yet.

JOY  glad you are starting to feel better. No plans for me for the 4th. I get worn out every time I go anywhere.

JANE  my son brought me 2 quarts of fresh picked strawberries yesterday. I have washed and cut them and this morning I will get them in containers and in the freezer. In a few weeks the blueberries will be ready but they are easier to freeze.

SHIRLEY  before computers and Skype we would call each other once a month on Saturday evening. The phone bills were high when we did that. Like Skype much better.

JENNY  when I went to my son and DIL's home for Christmas and all her famiy was there I got hugs from all of them. I knew some of them before my son started dating her so I was like a member of her family.

JUNE  the one at that meeting repesented the owners. The witch is trying to be nice and will smile and say hello. Most of us ignore her. Glad you used notepad. Best way I know not to lose a post.

BUBBLE  love your graphics for this month. I love seeing our flag. Yesterday some of the veterans here were talking about how disgusting it is to see people dressed up in the Stars and Stripes. Glad I am not the only one whe feels they are disrespeful of the flag and our country. Love the Perfect Son, had a good chuckle with that one.

LLOYD  we had 2 inches of rain a few days ago and it was much needed.

LARRY  the help I get is from my insurance. They are a big help for me but there are things they are not supposed to do, washing windows and moving furniture are 2 of them. I used to move my furniture often to clean beneath and behind. Makes me wonder how clean it is behind things now. A few of them have washed the windows inside but is one of their bosses saw them they could get fired.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Joy on July 01, 2018, 09:13:32 am
Good Sunday morning.  Right now it is so calm and peaceful looking.  Nothing stirring at all.  But, the day is supposed to be very hot today with the heat index close to 105.  And, yes, the weather people keep repeating it over and over again. 

Gloria,  thanks, I am feeling so much better.  I even feel like doing something.  Don't know just what yet, but if I look hard enough I can be sure to find something. 

Jane, when I first go up a little before 7, I  was almost freezing.  My apartment faces the north,  so I don't get much sun at all.  I find that I don't need my A/C until usually in the evening when it gets a little stuffy.  Sometimes, I forget to move the temperature up  and I wake up feeling so cold.  Sounds funny when the weather man is reporting how warm it is even this early.  I still am wearing my winter robe.   My summer electric bill is a lot lower than it is in the winter.

I made some pancakes for my breakfast and made some fresh blueberry syrup to go with them.  Tasted so good. Don't usually go to all that trouble anymore, but it sure was worth the effort.

Hope everyone will stay cool and enjoy this first day of July.

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: CallieOK on July 01, 2018, 10:14:44 am
Good Morning, Everyfriend,

Bubble,  thank you for the new shoppe and the jokes.

Thunder rumbling in the distance and water running down the street.  Guess I didn't wake up early enough to experience the heavy stuff.   

Wishing Everyfriend Everywhere an Enjoyable Day.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Lindancer on July 01, 2018, 01:14:15 pm
Good afternoon, they are having races to day, Sunday I am surprised. The Nashcar, had big races and fire works last night. We are half mile from the track.

bubble, thanks for a great start of a new page.still laughking

Gloria, it was already 80 at 8AM. I heard in the radio the life guards will stay until 7PM at the beaches and the senior center will stay open into the evening

Yes Larry, I would not want to be playing golf to day. There is no shade.   My mother use to live in Alexander VA. Just below the Temple
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Sandy on July 01, 2018, 02:38:03 pm
Good Afternoon... 
Sunny and hot here. 

I enjoy Venison  (deer meat) grilled,
and also Venison Chili...   yum yum. 

I also like fish,  octopus,  bison,  etc... 
A little once in a while.    (Love Liver!)

But I don't like bugs and other critters
that some people seem to like to
eat... (giggle) ..  In fact, even the
thoughts of eating some things,
turns my stomach.   

Have a good day,  Everyone.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: June Drabek on July 01, 2018, 09:02:26 pm
This has been a weird day for me. Went to Church and it tired me out, back was hurting.I really had to drag myself home.  So, it has been a do-nothing day. Read a dull book, finally gave up on it, so will start another later. Had some fried chicken and salad for lunch....tonight I will just have some cold cereal and fruit. Hope tomorrow will be a better day, and I hope and pray Bob is doing O.K. Do you hear from anyone back there Bubble ??

Hope you all have a good night. Hugs, Love and lots of prayers. June
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: JaneS on July 01, 2018, 11:09:03 pm
My daughter is gone and has texted that she's safely home.  I missed her before she got to the corner!  When she texted that she had arrived home safely, I answered, "Good!  Now when are you coming back?"

I'm off to Dreamland!  I hope your weekend has been as nice as mine.  Sleep peacefully an wake refreshed...stay cool!
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Denver on July 02, 2018, 12:41:46 am
Thank you BUBBLE, for our nice clean Soda Shoppe. 

We had a wonderful evening with our family last night.  Brian grilled the most beautiful steaks and we all ate way too much.  The lemon cake was very tasty, but unfortunately it feel apart on the way over to Brian’s.  I put it in one of the fancy tube pans, and even though I sprayed the pan good, the cake would not come out!  I had to bang it on the cake plate, and of course a bit of it stayed in the pan.  Then, I guess I disturbed more than ai knew I had as it really just lost all of the outside.....everyone got a laugh out of it but everyone also had a piece and bragged how moist and delicious it tastes. 

We drove Kurt to the airport this afternoon and he is winging his way back to his family right now.  It is a
L O N G  flight from Denver to Boston....he wil not land until nearly midnight there. 

Good night EVERYFRIEND......

PLESANT dreams to all. 
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Amy on July 02, 2018, 06:23:08 am
Good morning everyone..

June is smiling at me on the random images!!

Going to be another scorcher today..I pity anyone or animal that has to be out in it!!  Only heard one go of firecrackers last night  ,not sure if there will be more tonight or not.....hope not!!Babe shakes when they go off and no matter what you do she won't stop till they do!

I started another quilt yesterday ,after I found my cutting table under the mess of previous quilts. ;D
Meals will be quick and easy, salads or sandwiches fit the bill and we do like soup even on a hot day.

Gloria, when do you hear the results from the meeting. I do hope she moves on...maybe a guard at a prison?

Jane , happy to read you had a great visit and I hope the time is short before the next one.

Jenny, when I have had a cake do that I may cut it up pour an instant pudding ,maraschino cherries and whipped cream on it.

Joy, glad you are feeling better.We had pancakes for supper the other night and I had strawberries that should be used up. I sliced them into a pan and cooked them up with some maple syrup for sweetener. Will do that again too!

Shirley, I find gift cards fit each and everyone in the family! What a convenience they are.

Larry, hope Pat is feeling better today..

Roley/Pete , good morning to you......hope you have an enjoyable day!

I had better go back out and chance the sprinkler I put on the garden.

Enjoy your day everyone.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Gloria on July 02, 2018, 06:52:49 am
Good morning everyone 71° already.Even with the AC going set lower than I usually set it it was too warm in here. Did not see anyone outside at all. With the sun beating on this side of this building it did not help, shades were down most of the day. too. Just heard on local weather this heat will be with us all week.If I slept 2 hours last night I would be surprised. Just too warm in here. I do not like summer.

JOY  before I got this apartment I was hoping to get one on the north side but instead got this one on the south/west side and get the heat bouncing from the black pavement in the parking lot.

AMY  love it. a guard in a prison. Prisoners would revolt against  her, too. We really do not expect much from that meeting but sh is trying to smile and say hello. Too little too late. It tool me 2 days to clean and slice and freeze 2 quarts of strawberries. Still have a pint or more in the fridge to just snack on.

Think I;ll go see if I can get some ZZZZZZZZs before my CNA gets here at 10:30/ Laundry day.
Keep cool.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: JaneS on July 02, 2018, 07:12:38 am
Good Morning Everyfriend!  We were up again at the crack of dawn.  The doggies seem to think that when it's light out there, it's time to get up but I have an ace in the hole.  Once they have their pill they know they have to wait so sometimes I just stretch out on the sofa and let the zzzzs take over.  That's what I did this morning. 

I woke up and was putting the coffee on when the boinger went so we all had breakfast and now the doggies are sleeping it off.  They do that a lot!

AMY, my dogs don't like thunder or fireworks.  Annie quivers and Mickie hides.  On the advice of my sister who got it from her holistic vet, I keep something around called Rescue Remedy (I buy it at the health food store).  It doesn't stop their fears but it sure does help.  I just squirt a few drops in their mouth and they calm somewhat. 

This is my evening to work.  It's also the picking time for early black raspberries.  I might not make it but that doesn't worry me because they have a second season for them later. 

I'm getting worse and worse about the driving.  I just don't like going very far any more.  You don't suppose I'm getting old, do you?  And I find that I prefer cloudy or light rain for driving.  The summer sun can be blinding sometimes.

I'm going to Arizona for dinner this week but I think I'll wait until tomorrow to do the casserole.  This one has a corn break topping and a spicy look under it.  We shall see!

GLORIA, we're having the same heat wave this week that you are.  Right now it's 70º and heading for a high of 97.  The A/C at WM won't seem so cold today, I bet!

I wish you all a good day!  Stay cool!
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: larryhanna on July 02, 2018, 08:46:36 am
 Hi Everyone. Same old weather pattern continues.  I did water my yard last night as I knew the ground had become really dry.  I am hopeful that we may get some rain today.  I have my six month eyes followup appointment early this afternoon.  On the way home I plan to stop at Costco as we need to stock up on a few item.  Scott plans to come over this morning to do some laundry as his washing machine needs repair.  Fortunately, it is still under warranty. I think that will be it for today.  We had a very nice combined service yesterday at Church.  I came home after Sunday School and got Pat as she was feeling up to attending yesterday.  Our new associate minister was introduced and participated in the service.  Since it was a combined service, it was very nice to see the Church pews almost totally filled.

Gloria, the last strawberries I got for Pat she just left the stems on them in the refrigerator and then we washed them as she ate them for her breakfast for several days.  They lasted very well.  Usually she has but them up and sugared them but doing it this way was much easier on her.  Stacey used Skype for a number of years as her only phone as you can pay to have a regular number and to be able to receive calls other than on the computer.  We got her a Skype phone.  When we went on our son's phone plan we also put her on it and then she used a regular cell phone.  It sounds like management must have laid down the law a bit to your apartment manager although it sounds like the bridge has been burnt with the tenants. 

deAngel, I heard the commentator yesterday speak of the difficult job the caddies have in lugging around the 50 pound golf bag for the pros out in that terrible heat.  Maybe it will be a bit cooler in West Virginia at the course where this weeks tournament is to be played.  We lived in Vienna, VA for two years on my first assignment in Washington, DC so I have been to Alexandria a number of times. 

Sandy, do you like Escargot?  I had it one time at a fancy restaurant when on business in Washington, D.C.  Once was enough.  I am not of generation to be eating bugs or ants. 

June, sorry to read that your Church service was so tiring for you and that back was giving you such fits. 

Jane, it is always a relief to hear that our family has safely returned to their home after visiting with us if they live at a distance.  Glad you had a pleasant and enjoyable weekend. 

Jenny, who cares if the cake falls apart a bit as that doesn't change the flavor and enjoyment of eating it.  It sounds like no one minded a bit.  It is never fun to get home from a flight so late at night.  Glad you had some time with Kurt but bet his family was happy to see him get home. 

Amy, my wife got a packet of large quilting squares last week from Missouri Star Quilting company that had sewing themes on them.  What I saw of them they were pretty.  Glad you found your lost cutting table.  :)  We often have soup summer or winter.  We eat other hot foods during the hot months so don't see much difference and it is usually an easy meal to prepare. 

Jane, I find I almost need a sweater when I go into our Walmart as they keep it so cold but that is better than too warm.   
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Sandy on July 02, 2018, 09:01:34 am
Good Morning from the
warm and humid rocky coast of Maine. 

All is well here...

"Sandy, do you like Escargot?  " 
Jenny ... 

I  had Escargot year and years ago
and I loved it ...   (it was cooked, with
lots of garlic) ...  We used to have
an Escargot Kit that had the shells
and utensils  to eat them with.
Probably back then a recipe too...
(back before the Earth Cooled when
there was no Internet or Googling! )

Have a good day, Everyone.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Mary Ann on July 02, 2018, 10:17:24 am
Jenny, when I was very young, my folks had an elevated oven stove and the oven had no control.  My mother baked cakes "by guess and by gosh".  Actually, she would make a test cake, using a little muffin tin of mine.  This could not be done with an angel food cake.  Almost invariably when Mother put the cake to cool, the insides fell out because the cake was not done.  So we scraped the outside that was done and added ice cream and chocolate syrup to it and had a lovely dessert.  For my birthday the last year my mother was alive, I asked for that kind of cake.  I think my mother was rather insulted, but I got the cake! 

At 10:15 am it is 75 degrees here.  I think we will not be in the 90s as we were yesterday; that about did me in when I was outside - and I managed to stay inside in the a/c  most of the day.  If we have another Sunday like that, I will not go to church as we do not have a/c, only fans.

Mary Ann
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: roley on July 02, 2018, 10:56:23 am
G'day to you too Amy, Amy, I am ashamed to say I am not enjoying today !, (for me.the heat at the moment here is over powering, I am spending as much time as I can in the coolest part pf the house !), never thought i'd say that but, I guess there comes a time when even us  stubbon oldies have to admit defeat ! and I admit it  :coolsmiley:.
                                                                  Cheerio.   Peter.    AKA  Roley.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Radioman34 on July 02, 2018, 11:52:55 am
Hello to all my friends. I have been discharged from the hospital and hope to seek respite care  in a local retirement facility. The first thing I wanted to do was to let you know the situation because I know you care. But most of all to thank you for your expressions of good will and wishes for a quick recovery. Such friendship is impossible to measure. Thank you to you all.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Amy on July 02, 2018, 11:56:48 am
Roley, nothing to be ashamed about as I am with you on that!! I did walk over next door to clip their dogs nails and came right home  to enjoy the a/c

I used to do haying and helped combine in this type of weather and we are not stubborn...wiser comes to mind!

Stay cool!!

Don, good to "see" you and please take it easy..
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Mary Ann on July 02, 2018, 12:19:59 pm
Don, it's good to hear from you and I hope you continue to recover quickly.  We all have been concerned about you and we know it's been hard on Bubble.  Other than that, with the weather we've all been having - stay cool!

Mary Ann
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: JaneS on July 02, 2018, 12:53:22 pm
YAY!! Our buddy, Don is back among us.  Boy you had us all worried and praying up a storm!  Mind your ways, listen to the doc and nurses and GET BETTER FAST!

I have ARIZONA in the oven for this week.  I wonder if I'll ever get past the A's!  This one looks like a real winner.  I'll let you know.  Since I'm going to work at 3:30, I'm having my main meal very soon.

OOPS!  There's the beeper!  STAY COOL, Everyfriend!
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: FlaJean on July 02, 2018, 01:00:12 pm
So good to hear that Don is recovering.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Shirley on July 02, 2018, 03:51:31 pm
:bow: :cheer::nanadance: :nanadance2: :nanadance: DON IS BACK! :nanadance2: :nanadance: :nanadance2:  :cheer::bow: Best Wishes for Healing!
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: mycheal on July 02, 2018, 09:16:30 pm
Don welcome back, keep the recovery spirit going and positive thoughts :)

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: June Drabek on July 02, 2018, 10:25:06 pm
Don, I am saying special thanks to God that you have been discharged from the hospital, and I do hope you find a care facility that is kind and caring till you are all well again.

It has been a quiet day here. I watered all my plants, and that wore me out. Had lunch downstairs, then off to see a movie at the club house. It was two hours long, so my back was scolding me for not lying down.

for some reason I have lost one of my favorite programs...I think my  computer is feeling it's age. Hopefully my son will be able to mend it. Utube was great for finding music, but I think they update their stluff, and mine doesn't want to accept it. boo hoo.

Nothing newsworthy from out here. I hope you are all well, and Janie, I know you are missing your daughter...just keep the memories alive of the good visit.

Once again, I Love you all, God keep you safe in his loving care. June
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Denver on July 02, 2018, 10:56:23 pm
Good evening.  Another scorcher here in the Mile High City again.  It will be that way again tomorrow then the 4th is to be a bit cooler.

I did not get to talk to my Dad yesterday.  Found out this morning that the ringer got turned off on his phone and he is not sure how that happened.  He does not think he did it, but maybe someone else when he was out of his room.  Anyway, I did get to speak to him this afternoon and he sounded good.  He had double PT time today, since he did not have any Saturday or Sunday, so he was pretty bushed.  When a patient is only allowed so many days in rehab, it rather surprised me that he goes weekend with out any PT.  Wednesday, the 4th is probably another off day.  There is a meeting tomorrow with the staff and he will be told then what day he will be released.  Diane is concerned it will be right away, and she worries that he is not ready.  We will see. 

DON, it sure is good to see you posting.  Welcome back. We sure were not happy to read about your issue and were so sorry that you remained on the floor until Bubble was able to alert someone to get you some help.  Continued good positive thoughts for you to feel better soon.

AMY, I will keep your good suggestion in the back of my mind for the next time I have a cake I a: pretty sure their could be one!

MARYANN, cute story about your Mother making cakes and the fact that you wanted and got that cake for your birthday.  The inside of this cake was perfect...the outside edge just fell off.  The boys loved it and said the part that fell off is their favorite part!  It was thin and sort of chewy. 

LARRY, as you just read, it sure didn’t matter that the cake fell apart.....besides it brought on a lot of laughs.  Brian and Cathy’s plane was delayed leaving Denver for Boston this morning by nearly 3 hours.....the plane was delayed coming out of Boise to begin with then there were issues after it arrived here in Denver.  Kurt had big plans to take them up the coast to a special place for a Lobster Roll, and some costal site seeing....but arriving after 4 PM, this plan had to be put on hold.  They were all disappointed as their time together is limited as it is. 

GLORIA, you have not mentioned “the witch” lately.  Is she laying low now or what?  Is there any chance of you changing apartments, or are you stuck in yours forever?  I have heard that some places will allow you to get on a list for the next apartment to open up? 

JANE, I am waiting to hear about your Arizona Meal.....I hope you enjoyed it. 

Hope you have felt much better today, JUNE. 

PLEASANT dreams to all. 


Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: roley on July 03, 2018, 06:21:04 am
G'morning all.
Another 'scorcher' forecast !, so i thought i get in early before the heat builds up again, Jean has just taken the dog for his early morning trot !,also to pick up the paper from the Newsagent in the village, when they get back no doubt 'alfie' the dog and i, will have a 'Argy-Bargy' for the coolest spot in the house!.

Larry. I noticed you mentioned Escargot i must admit i never have eaten them, (spent most of my garden life, trying to kill the 'Blighters' lol) but, i used to enjoy eating 'Winkles', localy picked from the rocks, when the tide was out, never eat the commercial ones though!, a winkle is a Sea Snail, being a seaside holiday coastal resort no holiday is complete unless you have a plate of 'winkles'  :thumbup:

                                                                                Cheers.   Roley.  :)
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: JaneS on July 03, 2018, 07:01:14 am
Good Morning Everyfriend!  I survived last evening and last night....just short of exhaustion.  Everyone in three counties must have been shopping for picnic supplies for the Fourth of July holiday!  The store was packed and the carts were loaded!  And I was tired!

When I came home, all I could think of was to take the doggies out and give them their supper and then go to bed.  And that's pretty much what I did.  However, I thought a nice glass of wine might help me sleep better but I was wrong.  It gave me the worst case of heartburn I've had in a long time and kept me from sleeping soundly for most of the night.  Then when I did get to sleep I got a terrible cramp in my foot and ankle to keep me awake more.  Bad night!

JENNY (and anyone else who's interested) the Arizona casserole was delicious!  A little on the spicy side but I like that and it's never bothered me.  Come to think of it, maybe the combination of spicy and wine is what brought on the heartburn.  No wine the next time!

JUNE, you are absolutely right!  I do miss my daughter but this one will be back soon.  She lives in Maryland and she has recently started a job that gives her weekends off.  I'm happy to say that she also misses me when we don't see one another so she'll be back!

Now I'm going to go make coffee and see what the day brings besides extreme heat.  I hope Everyfriend will enjoy the day and something good comes for each of you!
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Amy on July 03, 2018, 07:02:56 am
Good morning everyone..

Another blistering day here, yesterday we had a dandy storm which knocked out the power. We hooked up the generator and used that ,although it doesn't run the a/c we used a fan for the dogs. Power would come back on so out we would go, disconnect the generator put it away and off would go the power again!! We did get our work out yesterday!!

Golden girl surprised me this morning ,she is acting like a young pup. Mobility much better and very treat motivated!!  Hope this is going to keep up!

Don't know what today will bring..just know not much work done outside..

Larry, Missouri Quilt Co has great deals each day!! I am done the skateboard quilt and now doing a disappearing 4 patch. Pat will understand this one.

Roley, you brought back memories, my Dad loved Peri winkles. Mom would cook them up and then he would take a darning needle to get the snail out and dip it in vinegar with pepper in it. No one wanted any of those , he had them all!!!

Jenny, another hot on here and tomorrow is going to be worse!!  Will they give your Dad any help when he gets home or will they expect Diane to do all the work?

Gloria, it is another stay in day here, my gosh I feel sorry for anyone having to work out in this or animals left outside with no shade or water!

Jane, can you cut back on the spices? What all was in your casserole?

Better get a move on here.

Enjoy your day everyone
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: JaneS on July 03, 2018, 07:10:48 am
AMY, I suppose one could cut back on the spices but I liked it that way.  It has chicken, Pepper Jack Cheese (you could change the cheese) poblano pepper, onions, flour, seasonings, milk, cream cheese and green chilies all cooked together and put into a baking dish and a corn bread topping. 

The first piece I ate straight up and it was good but when I reheated the second piece, I turned it upside down on the plate and it was more like having a crust.  It wasn't as pretty to serve but easier to eat!
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Amy on July 03, 2018, 07:40:14 am
Jane thank you, I have not heard of poblano pepper will look into that.

I am keeping an eye out for sweet cheeries, we went through the ones I did like a hot knife through butter. Radishes will soon be a size to pick and I will try your fried radishes. You are teaching me a lot!! :smitten:
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: larryhanna on July 03, 2018, 08:10:57 am
 Hi Everyone. It is to be another typical July day here in South Carolina.  I do have another pretty busy morning planned although not difficult.  Right before 9 am I will pick up an online order of groceries at Walmart and then make a quick stop at Aldi's on the way back to the house.  At 10 am I am meeting someone here in my office for an hour.  The rest of the day is clear.  My eye appointment went well yesterday and he said my eyes are in great shape other than I have developed dry eyes, which I can take care of with over the counter means.  I was fortunate to have a riding cart at  Costco so that make my shopping their much easier.  However, I was ready to rest when I got home about 3 pm.  Jennifer and Elizabeth were here starting to do cloths washing as their washing machine won't be fixed for several days. They didn't leave until about 8:30 last evening.  I expect the yard maintenance company to be in our neighborhood this morning for the entire day. 

That was good news last night about the 12 boys and their soccer coach who were cave explorers in Thailand who were found safe but are still trapped in the cave.  Now that they know where they are they can undoubtedly get them food so they can be sustained until they can be rescued.

Sandy, it sounds like you were into eating Escargot in a big way. 

Mary Ann, it sounds like your Mother thought her cakes were just fine.  My grandmother make many hot milk cakes and they were always flat but tasty although she had an oven that the temperature could be controlled but I am sure she made many of them before such appliances were available as she was born in the late 1800's. 

Roley, it sounds like you don't have air conditioning.  I still have many memories of growing up without air conditioning in Missouri and during my early work years.  I hope you are being able to stay cool and hydrated. 

Don, so good to see your posting and know you are now out of the hospital.  I hope you soon find a place to go where you won't be alone and where their will be plenty of room for your extensive music collection.

Jane, I had to chuckle about your having "Arizona in the oven" as expect Arizona is an oven this time of the year.  Of course, I know what you were talking about and hope the dish is very tasty.  Sorry you had such a rough shift at your register yesterday and then it was topped off with not getting a good nights sleep.  Hope you can get some napping in today. 

Amy, it is tough when one becomes used to AC to lose it on a very hot day and then to have it come back on intermittently.  At least it gave you some respite when it came on even if it didn't last. 

June, I think one reason I seldom watch a movie on TV anymore is that I don't like the length of them.  An hour is OK but two hours stretches my patience.  I hope your back is feeling better today. 

Jenny, your Dad probably wondered why you didn't call him.  I have a problem with the switch on my iPhone for the ringer being turned off when I close my phone case that I keep on my belt.  I guess the button has worn down and is easily moved if I am not careful how I close the phone case.  Glad you got to speak with your dad and found him sounding good.  A three hour delay for a plane to leave and then having a pretty long flight on top of that must have left Brian and Cathy exhausted by the time they got to Boston.

Roley, I like the expression of "Argy-Bargy" as that is one I have never heard before.  I hope you won the argument for the coolest spot in your home. I have never heard of "winkles" either. 

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Gloria on July 03, 2018, 08:25:12 am
Good morning everyone, 73°, tried sleeping on the couch again last night. With the sun shining in here from 1pm till sunset it feels like the AC just cannot keep it cool in here. It is blowing out cold air and I have 2 fans on to circulate the air but at night still hot. This is the first time in a long time it has been this hot for so many days. No official heat wave but in this northern part of the state it has been over 90 for 3 or 4  days.

Twisted my left shoulder somehow getting off the couch and it is hard to move it at all. Every time I do I have to do it slowly. My left hand is resting at the edge of the shelf the keyboard is on, hard typing.

DON  so good seeing your post this morning. Glad Bubble could get in touch with your son.Take care of yourself. Would be a good idea for one of your sons to call and check on you every day. Cannot be too careful as we age.

JENNY  I am stuck with this apartment.The lady across the hall is now in a nursing home. The back side away frm the sun where one sees trees and birds and even deer at times. The witch must have been talked to becaus she is trying to behave. Will not last long.

PETER  I r emember once being at the ocean when I was very young and picking up a bunch of small snail shells. Suddenly I felt something moving in my hand I opened my hand and threw them down. Older sister explained to me that they were alive and were caled  PeriWinkies. Never picked up anything that looked like a snail again.

JANE  after working hard at WM. you sure did not need a sleepless night. Before I finally looked into why I got bad heartburn in the middle of the night then was told it was GERD and have meds for it now, I would take a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water. Tasted horrible but I sure burped for awhile and finally got to sleep.

AMY  just heard we MIGHT get a thunderstorm about 4 this afternoon. When we went to my in-laws summer place in Maine we would see Muscles all over near the shoreline and the rocks. Nobody picked them. Now they are big sellers and are claimed to taste better than clams. Talked to second son and luckily he is working inside with this heat.

Better get moving. If I start now I might be dressed when my CNA gets here. Try to keep cool.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Sandy on July 03, 2018, 09:50:44 am
Good Morning from the clear but
going to be hot and humid,  rocky coast of Maine.

It is too bad that you can't get something
to hang up to those Windows that would
block the  sun from coming in,  on days that
are beastly.     

My Windows are covered with light blocking,
lightly insulating curtains. That can be opened
or closed on days to prevent the sun from
heating up my apartment...

Otherwise my window AC would have
a difficult time keeping it cool in here.

I can not tolerate the heat.  If I didn't have
access to my curtains,  I would nail up
blankets or what ever to stop the suns

I hope that you find a solution ..

Jane...  "AMY, I suppose one could cut back on
the spices but I liked it that way.  It has chicken,
Pepper Jack Cheese (you could change the cheese)
poblano pepper, onions, flour, seasonings, milk,
cream cheese and green chilies all cooked
together and put into a baking dish and a corn
bread topping. "

That would be a recipe for days of Gastrointestinal upset
for me ....  all those dairy products and spices... 

I grew up on daily dairy  overload... when I was
younger, I did ok ...  but I know my limits today. 

And YES,   when I limit what I put into my
stomach, (no matter what the time of day)
the meals aren't as tasty or fun
to eat,  but my old stomach  and digestive
system doesn't hurt me any longer.   

Have a good day,  everyone ...   and happy FOURTH.

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: JaneS on July 03, 2018, 10:13:43 am
GLORIA, thanks for reminder of baking soda.  That was my grandmother's remedy for a lot of stuff.  She used to say, "If you were meant to keep it down, it'll help.  If it has to come up, it'll do that, too."

SANDY, I really think it was the combination of the dairy, peppers and wine that gave me heartburn.  I like spicy food and I eat a lot of it with no problems.  And it's been ages since I had heartburn.  It's also been quite a while since I had a glass of wine...maybe Christmas?  I have some around but I forget it's here most of the time.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Carol on July 03, 2018, 11:25:53 am
Radioman Don"  It is so nice to read your note - take care. 

Roley:  I do hope the hot weather passes quickly so all in your area are comfortable again.  Our granddaughter is in London for a school session - she really liked visiting Edinburgh. She is taking Economics at the same school her mother went to years before and I wish I could visit her too. 

Jane:  Glad that your painful night is over.  I hope you get the work time you wish and sending special vibes to you so the customers will be happy and grateful for your service. 

Jenny:  Do  you remember the "Tunnel of Fudge" cake mix?  I made it for company and flipped the pan on a plate without cooling it - we all had to jump out of our chairs because the river of fudge spread all over the table and leaked onto the floor.  Our good friends from Leadville always talked about that episode.   /b]
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Mary Ann on July 03, 2018, 11:49:51 am
Larry, I think my mother was hurt because I chose a cake she knew would not come out OK. 

Carol, your Tunnel of Fudge cake made me think of a molded jello salad I made for a company/department party.  I don't remember if I didn't give it enough time, or just why it didn't set good, but it didn't so when I put it on a plate, it just sagged.  I made it in a bundt pan which shouldn't have made a difference.  It was like soup.  Norm's MIL had a similar experience only with Cool Whip instead of whipped cream.  That turned out to be Coconut Soup.  The trials and tribulations!!!

I'm waiting for my a/c to go on.  Both the room temperature and thermostat read the same so it is time!  It's nearly 90 outside.

AH!  It just went on!

Mary Ann
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: so_P_bubble on July 03, 2018, 12:49:22 pm
Posting for Amy

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Lindancer on July 03, 2018, 02:01:48 pm
Good after noon, just home from grocery shopping, should not have gone so early, as it was a mob scene, Of course it is the day before the 4th.

Don, so happy to see you home from the hospital. I hope you get a panic button. As I wrote before. I have used mine a couple of times.

Jenny, maybe the cleaning person hit the wrong button. AS I wrote before, the PT did not work on weekends. Also while I was in rehab we had a blizzard, so they did not come to work that day either. I amsure he will have a nurse stop by, when he is home for 3 weeks at lest.

June, good to see you post.  It is good for you to have outside interest, like dinning down stairs, going to church, movies etc. I know I need to talk to other people, and to day on TV it is important to drink real coffee, you need the cal fine for you brain and long life. I do not know what they will say next week :)

Amy, cherries are very cheap this week. To day at Stop and Shop they were $1.77lb

Roley, I had never heard of winks.  My grandson loved Escargot when he was 3, he would eat  a plate full.  He also liked mussel, which I love, in garlic butter
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: CallieOK on July 03, 2018, 02:55:10 pm
Good Afternoon,

Our weather gurus are reporting dust from Africa is affecting the atmosphere in central Oklahoma!   "Whatever.." (as the young folks would say).  ::)  I know my nose feels stuffy and I start sneezing if I'm outdoors for very long.  Guess this is as good a thing to blame it on as anything else.

Don,  so glad to hear from you in person and sending good thoughts and prayers for your recuperation.

JaneS,  your state by state casserole project sounds very interesting  Can't wait to see what the one for Oklahoma will be.  I found this link to "12 Iconic Foods In Oklahoma" ( Wouldn't surprise me if some of these ingredients are included in the recipe.

Jenny and others,  I've made many a "pudding cake" just like the ones you've mentioned.

Sandy,  I sympathize with your dietary restrictions.  Seems as if mine eliminate everything today's diet gurus think we all should eat.  Sometimes, I wonder how I managed to become a healthy adult after growing up with real butter, fresh milk, lots of eggs, red meat and peanut butter!

Roley, I'm guessing an "Argy-Bargy" is a combination of arguing and bargaining.  Who won this one?   :)

Nothing going on in this corner.  Only thing on the 4th I know of is feeding the neighbor's dog.  Ho hum.


Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: JaneS on July 03, 2018, 03:40:57 pm
CALLIE all I can remember about the OK casserole is that I think it's a breakfast one and it has sausage and grits in it.  I don't think I've ever eaten grits.  That will be a first for me!
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Lloyd Hammond on July 03, 2018, 10:24:30 pm
Good Night everyone. hope you all have a great and safe forth tomorrow.
Sweet dreams everyone.

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: June Drabek on July 03, 2018, 10:36:36 pm
I wasted a lot of time today trying to retrieve Utube for my computer. It is not to be found. There is now something called Youtube...phooey !

We had an interesting  Community members meeting this morning...then a tasty lunch downstairs. Then on to a new walking program. I made it around the gardens four times, with rests in between. I was told 12 times around is one mile, so I'm not proud of my amount, but next time I may add to that.

A huge boom of a fire cracker just went off. Not in our place I'm sure but we are surrounded by private homes. Last year it went on till after mid night. Where I lived before..... different county.

Lloyd....Goodnight friend, I pray tomorrow finds you feeling fine, and may God heals those legs real soon.

It's time to get off this computer before I go blind. Will look forward to our tomorrow. God Bless America !!!!!!  Hugs, Love, and Prayers. June
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: JaneS on July 03, 2018, 11:05:20 pm
Good night Everyfriend!  I'm off to Dreamland....I hope!  This night can't be as bad as last night!  I wish you all peaceful sleep and a good tomorrow.  As JUNE said..."GOD BLESS AMERICA!"
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Denver on July 04, 2018, 12:57:26 am
Late to post again.

We just finished watching the movie Mamma Mia. I have to say I did enjoy it very much.  I know and love all of the songs so I was singing all the way through it. 

I was only able to speak to my Dad today for a very short time.  They had him in PT nearly all of the day.  He really sounded tired. Diane called to say that they told her Dad will be released to go home on the 10th of July.  They wanted family members to be there on Sunday and Monday and they would show us how we can help him at home. This is all well and good but there are no flights available from Friday through Tuesday, the day he gets out.  I planned to fly down on the 5th and come home n the 10th, so my reserved flights will not work out at all.  I wish my brother could go as he is physically able to help dad with ease, where I am not hardly going to be able to do that much.  I have been pretty stressed out over this all evening, so that is why we decided on a movie to get our minds off of it fo a bit. 

GLORIA de, there was no mention of PT or nursing care after Dad is released t9 g9 home.  I hope you are right that he will get care. 

AMY and SHIRLEY, my dad did tell me today how much he appreciated receiving the get well wishes from you both.  He was very taken back that you would do this for him.  Just as he was telling me this his PT person came and we had to end our conversation.  He sounded a bit emotional as he was telling me this, so I know it meant a lot to him.  Thank you both. 

AMY, I sure enjoyed the picture of your cute skate board quilts.....thank you, BUBBLE, for posting the picture for us all to enjoy.  There is no indication that Dad will receive any help after he goes home! But we shall see.  Keep cool of you is HOT all over the place. 

GLORIA, I am sorry to read yo7 can not change apartments...the one across from yo7 sounded so much better of a location.

CAROL, I am not familiar with the tunnel of fudge cake you told about, but I bet your friends will never forget that cake!  I can just imagine everyone jumping up to get out of the rolling fudges way!

It is bed time so I best get this sent and head off to bed.

Pleasant dreams to all.
G O D  🇺🇸🇺🇸 
B L E S S  🇺🇸🇺🇸 
A M E R I C A  🇺🇸🇺🇸

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Amy on July 04, 2018, 02:46:53 am
Good early morning everyone..

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY to you. Safe travels for those on the roads today.

We are off to the city for 2 Dr appointments for Hubby, at least they are on the same day and not far from each other. Meeting up with a friend first to exchange quilting items then on to appointments.

Jenny ,thank you for letting us know your Dad got the card. He may improve a lot in the hospital and won't need too much care when he goes home. Just as long as someone is there and thankfully he has Dianne to help if need be.

June, wow, you are amazing in all that you do!!

Gloria, one of our stores has the cherries on sale for 1.97 so I did get a bag full.

Might try to get more sleep.

Enjoy your day everyone.

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: JaneS on July 04, 2018, 07:40:29 am
Good Morning Everyfriend!  Once again I didn't get directed back here this morning!  I guess I'll have to train myself to check.

I did sleep better last night.  I only woke up once because I was too warm and then I realized that wasn't the only reason.  There was a small seat calling my name.  After the doggies got up, went out and had their pill, I realized there were some zzzzs on the sofa with my name on them.  I slept a bit more while waiting for the boinger for the pill time. 

I one of the ones who will be working this morning.  It shouldn't be busy today.  Everyone should be home preparing all the stuff they bought yesterday and Monday. 

Enjoy your day however you spend it!
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Lloyd Hammond on July 04, 2018, 08:10:43 am
Good Morning everyone. well it is a work day here, we are going to butcher the chickens. Bob's other his sisters and two nephews are going do total of 70 odd chickens. will be good fried chickens this winter, have a great day.

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Gloria on July 04, 2018, 09:33:22 am
Good morning everyone 77° already at 7:30 am. Guess I am getting bet ter at sleeping on the couch or just worn out from ladk of sleep but did sleep more last night. At least I don't feel like a Zombie this morning. This is supposed to be the last day of this heat. Will believe it when the high tomorrow is what it is here now. Could be the weather guessers are trying to make us feel better today. I do not envy those marching in the long Bristol parade today. Would not want to be even sitting along the curb waiting for the parade to go by. Along the street they march the center line in the road is awlays painted red white and blue. Oldest  continious 4th parade in the country.
We had a power outage yesterday while I was on Skype with my daughter. I called her to t ell her what happened. Then went out into the hallway to see others standing around. One lady came up on the elevator and told us it was cool downstairs. soe we piled into the elevator and down we went. The generator worked for the first floor and the elevator and the lights in the hallways. Someone called the power company and was told their generat o went down and would take a couple of hours to get back running. 25 minutes later the power was back. Just heard from weatherman that the heat index yesterday in northern RI was 106. No wonder we all felt like we wanted to just sit in front of our ACs.

SANDY  if I put up anything to reflect the sun away on the windows I would have to take it down as soon as the witch saw it. I did see some curtains in a catalog  that are supposed to reflect the heat but if they were shiny in the windows on the outside she would not want those either. Still wish my atartment was on the north side of the building. We do have white shades and the only time they are up is in the morning before the sun hits these windows.

BUBBLE  thanks for the link.

AMY  your quilts are wonderful.

Have a wonderful Fourth of July however you celebrate the day. I will be staying inside where it is cooler than the 87° it is already.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: larryhanna on July 04, 2018, 10:25:15 am
 Hi Everyone on this 4th of July.  We had planned to all get together to celebrate Pat's birthday a few days early but Scott told us yesterday that once again he has traded days with another employee and will be working tonight.  So now we may do it on Saturday at noon.  I expect to have a pretty quiet day today.  I have done the kitchen choirs except to fit Pat's breakfast.  I split a big ripe and juicy peach and a banana between  but will add a couple of strawberries to Pat serving with her breakfast.

Gloria, I have always found it is easier to get warm than it is to get cool.  You sure don't need added pains and now your shoulder is hurting.  My mother and grandmother also used baking soda for upset stomachs and you are so right it sure didn't taste good.  Since I sleep with my head elevated I seldom am bothered by my GERD.  Good to see you slept better last night.  Glad to see your place has a generator in case of the power outage so that the elevator still works and that you could find a cool place to wait. 

Sandy, I remember when you got your insulted curtains and glad they help with the heat.  We had to get special dark window screens for our front windows in my house where we did live.  Our neighbor had them also but his wife didn't like them so he gave his to me and I added them to the windows where our dinette set was located and they would get a lot of sun and then also on the dining room windows as they got the afternoon sun. 

Jane, at least you can identify why you had the bad heartburn and can avoid that combination in the future. 

Carol, that must be a wonderful experience for your granddaughter to study in London.  If I had been at your table when your "Tunnel of Fudge" cake erupted into a river I would probably just picked up my spoon and started enjoying the fudge.  I guess it is one of those moments not soon forgotten. 

deAngel, I heard a report of a study just released saying that coffee drinking could perhaps extend a person's life and that it didn't matter whether it was regular or decaf but adding cream and sugar probably negated those benefits.  I expect there will be another study released saying just the opposite.  I am still not going to drink coffee as really don't like it.  That is a good price for cherries.  I will have to look for them or have Pat check them out on the Walmart grocery site.

Callie, are you telling us Oklahoma doesn't have enough dust and now you have to import it from Africa?  :)  I sometimes wonder how people in the past survived without all the warning labels and studies telling us what to eat and how much. 

Lloyd, will you be with family for the 4th?  Whoops, I see you will be dealing with dressing chickens today. At least there are several of you working but that is still a lot of chicken. 

June, I think it is that you need for the videos.  Walking a third of a mile is quite a good achievement.  I would have a lot of problems trying to do that these days.  I just did a quick search and found that it would take 2,000 average length steps to walk a mile. 

Jenny, I am sure doing PT nearly all day would tire most elderly folks.  Hopefully your dad will become stronger before he is released to go home. 

Amy, I hope you have a good trip to the city today and the appointments are met on time.  I am sending a copy of the quilt photos to Pat as know she will enjoy them. 

Jane, good to see you had a better nights sleep last night.  I hope you have smaller orders and shorter lines today. 
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Shirley on July 04, 2018, 12:36:01 pm
Happy 4th of July! Anyone remember shooting off those little "Lady Fingers"?  My brothers were awful about tossing them at us & each other.  My sister would scream & go inside but I joined in.  Someone always had those "snakes" that would just keep smoking out their long tails, doubt they ever spent more than a dollar or two but each brother did their time serving our country, one in the Air Corp, one in the Navy & the youngest did his in the regular Army. My brother in law was in the Marines and my husband 4 years active duty in the Air Force & 4 more years inactive duty. God Bless America, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: JaneS on July 04, 2018, 02:47:31 pm
Happy Fourth!  SHIRLEY, your story reminded me of the firecrackers we had.  They were the rolls that were meant to be used in the firecracker pistols but we never had the pistols...just the firecrackers rolls.  We'd spread them on a rock and then pound them with another rock and we thought we were something!

Lines were still long this morning and I wouldn't want to be standing ovre a grill cooking all the meat that went through just MY line!  They're going to be cooking well into the evening!

I'm beat and I'm going to rest a bit!  GOD BLESS AMERICA!  LAND THAT I LOVE!
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: June Drabek on July 04, 2018, 02:57:12 pm
All is quiet on the Western Front.....Stanton that is. The only thing  scheduled today was Bible Study, that I attended. A couple of other things scheduled but not for my taste.  I will go down for lunch,then home to fall apart. That is get comfy, read and snooze. Maybe go down for supper, maybe not. May go for a walk or two, maybe not. I love the privilege of making choices. Is Independence Day, right ?

Jeff told us a joke today. "Where were you when the lights went out ?"

"In the Dark."
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Sandy on July 04, 2018, 03:17:09 pm
Quote from: Gloria on July 04, 2018, 09:33:22 am

SANDY  if I put up anything to reflect the sun away on the windows I would have to take it down as soon as the witch saw it. I did see some curtains in a catalog  that are supposed to reflect the heat but if they were shiny in the windows on the outside she would not want those either. Still wish my atartment was on the north side of the building. We do have white shades and the only time they are up is in the morning before the sun hits these windows.

I got these panels, which are navy blue and from the outside
look great.   My three  windows to the world are gigantic.. 

Each window took eight panels (four up and four down)... 

I am sorry that you live in a place where the land lady
is so strict ...    My curtains do not show from the outside.
They absorb the light and do not reflect  anything.

I am lucky to have found these... as my eye problems
require that I control the light in my apartment. 

Have a good Fourth,  everyone..
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: JaneS on July 04, 2018, 04:01:00 pm
Gloria, I've been thinking about your window problem and while it sounds like what Sandy has would also work for you and not cause problems, whatever you hang up there could not be seen from the outside if your shades were down.  If you wanted the light in, open the curtains all the way and if you need them to keep the light out, pull the shades and then close the curtains.  You are the only person who will see the curtains and that's from the INSIDE!

Or am I all confused about this?
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Post by: Amy on July 04, 2018, 06:11:19 pm
Long hot day, tomorrow we are to have a thunder storm. I hope that breaks the heat and humidity we have been going through.
Hubby had good results from both Drs and sad news also form one. His rheumatologist is retiring and now has to look for another.

All in all a good day and I am tuckered right out. Construction slowed us down for 20 min coming home but it  sure was nice to be home. Garden is going to have to wait for weeding.....too hot out there yet!

Enjoy your evening everyone.
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Post by: June Drabek on July 04, 2018, 09:57:13 pm
The goons are starting early with their firecrackers, and some of them are so loud, they make me jump. I wish I had a nickel for each one that goes off. I could buy this place, and the places around us too.

Not much happening since I wrote earlier. Have had a couple of walks, manicured my fingernails....I like to keep them real polish thank you..In fact I don't use any make up anymore, not even a touch  of lip stick. But I do like a couple of spritzes of my Charlie cologne. Others like it too.

I'm sure not hungry, but I brought home half my lunch sandwich so I better go eat it.

I I don't see you later...I send you Love, Hugs and Prayers. June
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Post by: JaneS on July 04, 2018, 10:14:36 pm
We have the crazies out there shooting off fireworks, too.  Both dogs are under my desk and I actually think I hear snoring.  I have Tennessee Ernie Ford on the CD player turned up very loud.  I'm hoping they can't hear the fireworks but I can't go to bed until they are finished.  There's just no point because the doggies won't settle and I can't until they do.

I hope you all have a peaceful night and a good tomorrow!
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Post by: Shirley on July 04, 2018, 10:48:23 pm
Jane, I remember those rolls of "caps" supposed to shoot in a gun but we never had one, either!  We "borrowed" Dad's hammer & like you, thought that was big time fun.  Wichita has put out a new law "anything that goes higher than 6' will cost $250 fine." and from what I understand, they only need to find a person standing by with the stuff to ticket!  I am hearing lots & lots of bangs, some so loud it sounds like dynamite.  Had an uncle building a huge lake on his land one year & actually set off a stick of dynamite for us to feel & hear..... moved the earth!  We gathered at a gr-son's house outside the Wichita city limits to eat & their whole cul-de-sac will be shooting fireworks until probably 10:00 pm when little kids will be going to bed.  I boogied on home before dark. Cats are all inside.   :thumbup:
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Post by: Lloyd Hammond on July 05, 2018, 06:23:25 am
Good Morning everyone. well the fourth went well got the chickens all undressed and put in the freezer, will be good fried chicken dinners. Bobs mother gave us all her gizzards,they are my favert piece of the chicken next is the thigh and the drumstick,bottom line is see food diet see food and eat it, Have agreat day.

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Post by: JaneS on July 05, 2018, 07:10:22 am
Good Morning Everyfriend!  The fireworks last night continued just about as long as Tennessee Ernie Ford did on the CD player.  We went to bed and slept well.  The bad part is, I'm pretty sure, they're not over.  They always seem to have some left for the weekend after the 4th.  We'll see.

Today is a "do nothing" day!  At least it's a "nothing planned" day.  I think I'll probably check out my jar supply and get ready for the next black raspberry picking.  They usually open at 8 in the morning but they backed up to 7 during the extreme heat so people could get there before the heat got so intense. 

I might change my bed and wash the sheets today but that's up for grabs.  It depends what the weather brings.  There's supposed to be some rain but the time keeps moving back on the reports.  Guess that's in the other hands also. 

I hope you all have a lovely day.  Keep cool!
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Post by: roley on July 05, 2018, 07:49:23 am
G'Morning all.
                   Well, I managed to catch Lloyd today, we spent several minutes nattering over food ! again, lol, (some how or other we always get back to our food lol.), he still is in trouble with his webcam but we at least had a good old chuckle about how in the old days we used to chase the chickens around the yard with the axe !, I guess that that happen's a lot when ever we start to reminisce about the old days !.
Callie. The answer to your question  'who won' is, needless to say, my best mate Little Alfie, he normally sits under my wheelchair but in the warm weather he seeks out the cool draught and holds his ground!, not even I can get him to move! lol.  :thumbup:

                                                                            Cheerio.   Roley.
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Post by: larryhanna on July 05, 2018, 08:55:25 am
 Hi Everyone.  It is going to be another typical July day but only getting into the low 90's.  Not much planned for today.  I will pick up my friend and we will go downtown to coffee.  After I drop him back off at home I will stop at the Dairy Queen and pick up a small ice cream cake for Pat's birthday celebration on Saturday.  I also need to check on getting her some flowers as a gift from her sister.  I may make a quick trip over to Costco as they have some beautiful cut flowers and the price should be quite a bit less than the florist.  I already have the card and the gift I am giving her so then should be ready for her birthday.  Yesterday turned out just to be a quiet day and the girls did not come out for dinner as decided to just wait and come out on Saturday.  I did watch the Capitol 4th of July program and saw the beautiful fireworks at the end.  I enjoyed it and there was some entertainment for everyone.  The singing of Renee Fleming was gorgeous.  There sure were a lot of people there on a very hot night but they seemed to be having a great time. 

I do remember those little "Lady Fingers" firecrackers as well as the "Black Snakes" that made such a carbon mess.  My grandfather always brought out a bag of fireworks for my sister and I and would include a box of sparklers and a couple Roman Candles.  Your family certainly did their share in the protection of the country. 

Jane, I also remember those cap gun rolls and I did have the cap gun.  That was back when it wasn't political incorrect to even mention guns.  Sorry you faced long lines yesterday. 

June, I hope you didn't "fall apart" after lunch yesterday.  :)  It is nice to have choices of what we want to do and when. It has turned out this week that most of the plans we made each day didn't happen and that is fine.  If things are needed they will eventually get done and if they don't they probably weren't that important to start with.

Sandy, my wife keeps talking about getting some curtains to control the afternoon light in our bedroom so have taken note of the link you shared.  We have slated blinds that help but don't really block out the light.  It doesn't bother me but it does her although she now uses the eye shade at night to keep the air out of her eyes as well as control the light.

Amy, glad your husband had good reports from his doctor.  It is always a bit upsetting to have to find new specialists when one retires or leaves.  I am experiencing this with my cardiologist and will be seeing a new one next week.  I hope your rain today lessens the heat up your way. 

Lloyd, glad you got the chicken project done.  My dad always liked the gizzard and he was welcome to it.  I have always preferred the white meat on chicken and my wife the dark meat. 

Roley, I saw a report on the news recently that many city people are raising chickens in their back yard.  I had enough of that when I was growing up on the farm.  I sure wouldn't want them up close to my house.  Is Alfie a little dog?   
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Post by: Joy on July 05, 2018, 11:44:04 am
Good morning.  At least, it is still morning for a little bit longer here on the east coast.

I had a kind of quiet 4th of July.   My DIL did pick me up in the morning and we went to the Dollar store,  where I picked up enough birthday cards to take me almost to Christmas.  I don't get there very often, so try to think of everyone who has a birthday coming up.

We then went to a nice place for lunch.  This was a new place for both of us.  In the little towns in my area,  there are not very many what a lot of people call
"fine dining places".   There are all the usual fast food places, but not too many a little more upscale.  The place where we went is mostly a lot of seafood dishes, but they also had a nice small varieity of most every thing else.  I was quite surprised to see a Lobster roll on the sandwich menu.  I have had several different kinds of lobster rolls, but this was the best one that I have ever had.  Even when we were up in Connecticut several times, they didn't compare to the one I had yesterday.  Just lobster meat, a little chopped celery and just enough mayonnaise to hold it together without it all oozing out, on a toasted buttery roll.  It was delicious.  And, I sure am looking forward to going back.  This was just how I have seen a good lobster roll should be like.   Guess maybe we just didn't go to the right places when we were up in Connecticut.  But, happy that I have found a place close by where I know it will be good.

It is kind of a partly cloudy morning,  but supposed to be lower temperatures and lower humidity by the week end.  Nothing special planned for the next few days.

I guess today will seem like a Monday to a lot of people who work, so that will make for a short week. 

Just wanted to say Hi ! and hope everyone will have a wonderful day.

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Post by: Amy on July 05, 2018, 03:23:54 pm
Good afternoon everyone..

My this heat had better find another place to be!!Open a door and it welcomes itself right in!

Broken sleep last night was up a few times with Amy, she finally settled on the end of my bed...once I helped her up there.

Took hubby in town to get his hair cut...different place and man and I am sure this one was trained by lawn mower Louis ,I prefer the barber in a village south of us.

The weather guesser said we are to have a storm, we do need the rain as the lawn is crispy!! Noticed my peas ,beans. tomatoes are blooming and did see a tiny tomato coming!!My mouth is watering for a tomato sandwich with the tomato still warm from the sun.

Crock pot is cooking supper tonight :) I did cook up some boneless chicken for the dogs and cut it up to use later in their dinners.

Joy, you made my mouth water with your lunch, isn't it nice to find such a gem of a restaurant?

Larry, thankfully hubby's cardio Dr is young, really young but she is a great Dr.

Jane, we also had those caps and the guns to shoot them off. I wasn't a doll child I wanted guns and teddy bears :) I hope you found a whole lot of nothing to do today....a rest day for Jane:)

Better go get the dogs supper ready.

Enjoy and stay cool today.

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Post by: JaneS on July 05, 2018, 03:39:46 pm
Well, you might say that, so far, I've done whatever I felt like doing.  I didn't get dressed until almost 10 and then couldn't decide whether to take a nap or do something else.  I decided that today is the day I needed to take my trash to the dumpster so with that in mind, I decided to clean out the fridge.

Now I have a nice clean fridge and an empty waste basket.  And while I was doing all that, the dishwasher did the dishes.  Now, I guess I better put them away but I did have to wait for them to cool off.  No use opening the door and letting that heat into the kitchen. 

JOY, what a nice discovery!  I'm so glad you enjoyed your day out and your great meal! 

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Post by: JaneS on July 05, 2018, 10:20:25 pm
And now, good night Everyfriend and God bless us, every one!
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Post by: June Drabek on July 05, 2018, 10:33:44 pm
The last boomer I heard last night was about 9:30, and then I fell asleep, so don't know what went on after that.

I woke up feeling blah, so took the day off. It wasn't one of my good days.  I decided to read the book of Daniel in my bible…..I think there are two page left which I will do tomorrow. My Gary feels Daniel is the best book in the Bible. Gary sent in my grocery list and it was delivered  around noon, so I am all stocked up with "extras".

I did take one walk around the garden, but my right foot is so paintul, walking is torture.There is one bone that has no flesh to protect it. I have tried many various pads, but so far, no luck. My Dr. trimmed the callus, but that did no good at all. I am going to tape some cotton balls on that area tomorrow in hopes it will help. The plastic pads do no good at all.

Tomorrow is our Red Hatters practice. And the Singing Good Timers will entertain us in the afternoon. I'm glad I had a "do nothing" day today.

Lloyd, some of the chickens will make scrumptious soup this winter. And fried chicken in great at any season. It was worth your labors.

We are going into a heatwave tomorrow and Saturday…..108 degrees. That is very unusual for us…being so close to the Ocean here in Orange Co. Not unusual for Hemet where I lived before moving here.

Time to heat up some leftovers for supper. I am not a bit hungry, but we have to put the food in for energy.

If I don't get back to say Goodnight, I will wish it to you now. Plus God's Blessings, Hugs and much love. June
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Post by: Denver on July 06, 2018, 12:08:19 am
Trying to find my post from yesterday. It does not seem to be here, and there are no other posts. 

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Shirley on July 06, 2018, 05:15:28 am
Sorry about the post, Jenny, I think when I look for & don't find, it is probably because I forget to hit the "post" button & am off to see photos or something else.  Hope your father is still on the mend and keeping up with PT, glad he got the card.

When we built a house back in the '60s on an acre of ground, just a road cut down the middle of a wheat field so no trees, no shade at all.... I bought thermo drapes from JCPenney for the living room & family room.  They really helped the heat & the cold weather and they looked nice, floor to ceiling.  For the kids bedrooms I got "room darkener" shades that had a layer of aluminum foil inside but white on both sides. Our kids went to bed before dark when days were long and little one still took naps when we first moved in, the shades were not expensive & had various kinds of curtains & drapes to "frame" the shades (at that time K-Mart was the place to shop & now it's Walmart). 

Amy, I was not a "doll child" either and finally convinced my mother, bless her heart, she loved making doll clothes & my sister loved to dress hers all day long. We do get a restless night when our fur babies can't settle down, don't we?  I've been up for nearly an hour because Tom thought it was time to go explore outside.  My youngest son said his dog got so upset with fireworks he's been throwing up & just lay in his bed all day yesterday, getting up to go outside to potty or when the refrigerator door opened & he needed to check. Son had vacation to burn so took the rest of the week off.  His Great Dane is getting old & back legs weak, not a dog to carry around, think he said 160 pounds one time.

Lloyd, for sure you will have delicious chicken but that was a lot of work. I can still smell the feathers when dipped in boiling water to pull them out.  I do have 2 neighbors that got baby chickens this past year.  Their pens are like little castles inside with full covers so wildlife can't get to them.  One has 6 & the other 8, all pets that get to run free every evening while the owners sit in the back yards to watch them.  They are raising them to have fresh eggs.... and so far I have not volunteered to baby sit for either, I don't want to be responsible.  When we raised the wild ducks some years ago one of them built a nest on a neighbor's front porch so the husband put a fence around so the fox couldn't get to her but she could still fly over the top.  Something tore the fence down & killed her.  Anyway, I do remember helping with the chickens we had during WWII and even butchering some for fried chicken.  I had trouble eating fried chicken because they were pets to me.

June, when my "plantar fasciitis was killing me, my daughter had given me a pair of UGGs insoles to put in some boots I wear down to the river... so I put them in a pair of tennis shoes that are half size larger than I usually wear.  My feet used to swell in summer so why a larger size, but they quit swelling & I never wore those shoes until the insoles... and they completely fixed my foot, couldn't wear anything else for weeks.  I had tried other kinds but only UGGs worked, I bought another pair online & wear them now & then when the foot acts up.

Gloria, so sorry about the sore shoulder.... that is really topping pain on pain.  Hope it is better by now.... I am not getting much done with this heat, even keeping up in here.  ::)

Joy, nothing more satisfying than finding GOOD food.  I'm not a sea food eater, never lived near the coast & don't get the best here.  I didn't even used to care about eating but appreciate more all the time as long as I don't have to cook it. I do keep TV dinners on hand & eat a lot of "fast" food, but don't have any special place like that.  We found some good places in Colorado that the boys & I visit every year.  I don't like eating out alone so always get carry out where ever I go here.

Jane, I had my son help pull the frig out from it's "nook" so I could get the doors open far enough to pull shelves & drawers to clean, they were in awful shape.  Got all the fuzzys out from the motor/compressor & was amazed how much had packed in & around.  I am afraid to pull it out by myself for fear the water line to the ice maker might come loose.  I'm finding I'm not as strong as years ago, but that was one job my husband took care of & I could clean the inside while he worked on the outside.

Have a busy day tomorrow to get ready for lawn guy & then a race across town to get oil changed in my little car.  They rotate tires & wash it, it needs a bath!  The warning to change oil came on, first time in the 5 years I've had it that it wasn't done before.  It does not seem like nearly 5 years old, but was 5 years July 2 that I found my husband dead in bed.... my new life started then.  We are not in charge but have the choice to be happy or grumpy.  Wishing everyone a "fantastic Friday".... is that right, Callie? 
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Post by: roley on July 06, 2018, 06:20:34 am
G'morning all
                  Another brilliant morning here and the heat is building up again, just intime for the weekend, then it may just touch 30+C, LARRY, we do not have 'Air Conditioning' larry, never even thought of it !, our normal temp, at this time of the year would be around the 26-28C mark with a sea breeze,apart from the big stores,cinemas and theatres,Hotels, i have not heard of any houses being built with A/C, unless people have them fitted at a later date but, these past few years, especially here in the south the temperatures have risen a few degree's and in various places around here and else where, they are building bigger/stronger sea defences !, maybe the powers to be, know something we don't ?, I live on the south side of the South Downs (Hills), perhaps 50 Ft above sea level, other areas are at least at sea level and some even below, large areas have also over the years been reclaimed from the sea, so we all watch how the climate/weather conditions  have been changing, i'm now housebound but , i'm sure i'll see out my time without getting my feet wet !, my best mate, 'little Alfie' is a dog Larry (A Westie) and he does not like getting his feet wet either !  ;).  :thumbup:...
                                                                              CHEERS.   Roley.
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Post by: JaneS on July 06, 2018, 06:24:49 am
Good Morning Everyfriend!  We've had pills and we're waiting for the boinger for the doggies.

I'm so sad!  I broke one of my great grandmother's wine goblets this morning.  That's what I get for not washing it and returning it to the china cupboard.  But it's made me determined to get the rest of them to a safe place and I'm taking them out, packing them carefully in bubble wrap in a box and putting the box in my Christmas collection.  My daughter will get them for Christmas.  She'll cry!

I'm off to greet my public at WM this morning.  Wish me smiles and short lines.  I wish you all a great day filled with whatever suits your fancy.

Note to two doggies are Scottish Terriers.  They also have minds of their own!
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Post by: Amy on July 06, 2018, 06:53:20 am
Good morning everyone..

The weather guesser was right!! My did we have a storm, lots of thunder, lightening and pounding rain! I know I should be thankful for what we had but a soft gentle all night rain would have ben nice. Rain pounded the peas ,beans and one tomato plant over but I think they will be fine.

Today is pick up the blister packs for Kyle and do some cleaning and sewing .

Jane, hugs, sorry but you do have more to cherish. I hope you have  short lines and lots of laughs through your till.

Roley, we had a Dalmatian/Dane 105 lb lap dog, we he thought he was and he also didn't like getting his feet wet. He would jump over puddles.

Shirley, son has two Danes Coal weighs 150 lbs and Skye is a little lighter. Our pets give us unconditional love ,no half measures with them. I am just thankful I can lift her.

June, I hope your  feet soon feel better and as Shirley suggested maybe UGGS would help you.

Gloria, where are you? Did I miss your post?

Larry, I enjoy quiet days..I think I would be a good hermit too. :)

Better get a move on here

Enjoy your day everyone..

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Post by: Lloyd Hammond on July 06, 2018, 07:25:02 am
Good Morning everyone. our dog Lucky is a black Lab, she loves the water all over feet and all.  we have a lagune or potty pond  she even goes and jumps in it. it is hazy here but still no rain. we could use some  more if you could send it on down here AMY. have a great day everyone.

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Post by: Gloria on July 06, 2018, 08:34:00 am
Good morning everyone, 78° now at 7:15am. sorry I missed yesterday. Trying to sleep on the couch is not working too good. When my son comes next time I will ask him to move the AC to the bedroom. Several ponds, lakes and beaches were closed for swimming on the 4th because of high bacteria, still not open for swimming. Not good for all those on vacation this week and all the heat and humidity. They had a few emergencies at the 4th Parade in Bristol for heat stroke. some of the mardhers and some spectators, too. Imagie marching with those wool uniforms some of the bands wear in that hot sun for 2 miles or sitting and standing on the sunny side of the street. I would have been one of them is I was there. At one of the houses along the rout a laddy had a hose going and spraying the marchers as they went by. Might have felt good for a few minutes.

SANDY  I only hace 2 windows, one is each room and don't think I would like anything that keeps light out. Would not like living with lights on all the time. I do not spend my time looking out but do like day light coming in.

JANE  know I have beel complaining about the heat but glad this heat is not like this all year.

JOY  your lobster roll is the best kind. Years ago near where a niece lived there was a small restaurant and the lobster rolls there were like that and at that time were $1.25. Bet they cost a lot more these days.

AMY  warm from the sun is how I like my tomatoes, too. Best flavor.

SHIRLEY  shoulder is not as sore but not back to feeling normal. I have been careful what I do. I don't know how anyone can work in this heat.

AMY  I did not post yesterday, too worn out to sit here.

We have a chance of thunderstorms today. If we get them I hope it clears the air.
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Post by: larryhanna on July 06, 2018, 09:48:13 am
 Hi Everyone.  Once again we are to be in the low 90's today.  We had an unexpected but much appreciated brief shower last night.  An hour earlier I had reset the watering system to water last night so went out and turned it off as the rain we had certainly would have been equivalent to what the sprinkler system would have been. 

Today I plan on being at Costco when they open to get flowers for Pat's birthday that I told my sister-in-law I would get.  Now I just have to find what we have done with the several vases we have.  On the way back I will stop at Walmart to pick up a prescription. The rest of the day is clear and I will rest as got a bit too tired yesterday.  I did go to coffee yesterday morning after first stopping at Walmart for a  prescription for me that wasn't ready yesterday. After I had taken the man back to his living facility I made a fast stop at Dairy Queen to pick up the ice cream cake for our family celebration of Pat's birthday, which we will do at noon tomorrow.  As soon as I got home we headed out to the Ruby Tuesday's for our main meal of the day as had a buy one get one entree coupon that was good yesterday.  Finally we went to the barbershop and got the haircuts we both really needed. 

Joy, we have the same thing in not having any fine dining places to eat, not that we would go there very often, but nice to celebrations.  However, there are a number just across the river in the Augusta area. 

Amy, any time we stopped our car yesterday it got very hot and coming out of a store it was also very hot.  I think that is what tired me so much.  I thought I was set with the cardio doctor and then she up and moves.  My new doctor is Indian and I will meet him for the first time next Friday. 

Jane, do you find emptying the dishwasher to be tiring?  I don't mind the upper rack but the lower one is a task. 

June, the book of Daniel in the Bible is a very interesting one.  I did an online study of it years ago and really learned a lot.  Of course, now I have forgotten most of it.  Have you tried any of the jelled foot pads?  Hope you are up to enjoying the activities you spoke of yesterday that will occur today. 

Jenny, I am pretty sure I did read your posting from yesterday but perhaps it was from the day before as time passes so quickly. 

Shirley, your son's dog certainly is big.  My son needs to take vacation as well but will probably end up losing it.  I have encouraged him to take a few days and go up into the North Georgia or North Carolina mountains and fish and relax.  I will not say anything more to him about but he liked the idea.  In the past he couldn't get away because of the dogs and the cat but now Jennifer and Elizabeth are there to see to them.

Roley, no wonder you are seeking a cool place to be.  I just did a conversion to the way we measure temperature and that would be 86 degrees here and that is hot.  I sure wouldn't want to live below sea level as that sounds like disaster waiting to happen. 

Gloria, good to see your shoulder is beginning to feel less sore. 

Time to head out for Costco and Walmart and then home for the day. 
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Post by: Sandy on July 06, 2018, 09:57:01 am
Quote from: larryhanna on July 05, 2018, 08:55:25 am

Sandy, my wife keeps talking about getting some curtains to control the afternoon light in our bedroom so have taken note of the link you shared.  We have slated blinds that help but don't really block out the light.  It doesn't bother me but it does her although she now uses the eye shade at night to keep the air out of her eyes as well as control the light.


I highly recommend these curtains.  Especially in Navy...
they do an awesome job of protecting me from the Sun...
With a little imagination,   these curtains can be fit over your
regular curtains and only used with necessary.   

My extra large windows take 8 panels .... 4 on top and 4 on the
bottom...  Most windows would not take so many..  I don't like
to skimp with my curtains... they hang better and look better.

Wow... it is Friday again...  so fast...
Have a good weekend,  everyone.
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Post by: Denver on July 06, 2018, 12:12:32 pm
Good morning....I can’ believe it is Friday again.  It is so good to see everyone’s posts....there were NONE yesterday at all, so I did not know if something was wrong, or if I was just not connected?

SHIRLEY, I have done the very same thing.....something happens and I close my iPad, and then forget I was in the middle of posting, and by that time it is GONE.  Thank you for asking about my Dad.  He is working very hard now at PT.  They have him going to 4 sessions a day.  It was 2 weeks ago today he had the surgery....seems more like a month to me! ðŸ˜, Sadly, yesterday they discovered he has a silver dollar size bed sore, so when Diane arrived there was a wound care nurse there treating it.  😟  Diane has been very uptight.... worried about how she is going to handle things when he comes home, so Bob said we just need to go.  No flights available, so we are just going to drive down. We should be able to get him in and out of our car.  Both of their cars are NOT going to work.  Dad drives a Lincoln Navigator and Diane has a small Ford sedan.  Dad has always had a hard time getting in her car, and of course he won’t be getting in his for quite awhile.....if ever. 

It is sad how some pets get so upset over the many of them panic and run away in fear......there were several lost pets trying to be reunited with their owners yesterday.

LARRY, I have that it is your and Pat’s 56th Wedding Anniversary tomorrow.....then Pat’s Birthday on Monday.  Is this correct?

We have enjoyed having the two “Doodle Dogs” here together.  They have us laughing all the time.  My Smokey Cat is pretty much accepting of them now, so that is no longer an issue.  The worse part has been for Bob walking them.  Oliver is a walker and Lola is a smeller, so Bob’s arms have been getting a good stretching!   The eating is a slight issue, but we have worked around that. Oliver’s parents return this afternoon, then Lola goes home Sunday night!

I bet post this.....have a wonderful day, EVERYFRIEND!

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: JaneS on July 06, 2018, 02:20:27 pm
I'm home from work and it was bad again today.  It was even busier than a usual Friday.  Didn't these people have picnic leftovers to eat?  I'd have been glad to help them.  But there they were.l..buying more stuff!

LARRY, so far, I don't mind loading or unloading the dishwasher, top or bottom.  I take it all out and put it on the counter and then close the door and put the stuff away.  My kitchen is pretty small and I prefer not to work around the open door.  And then, when the door is down, Mickie thinks she has to help.  I'd really rather she didn't do that.

I'm resting while I wait to meet my daughter and SIL at AAA to be a witness to something they have to sign for.  I didn't ask them what so I don't know what!  Guess I'll find out!

Enjoy the rest of your day Everyfriend!
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: June Drabek on July 06, 2018, 03:00:22 pm
Good Morning dear hearts. I love you. Just finished reading all your good posts, so now I will go back, re-read, and comment.

It is 11:30, and I will have to go down for lunch in 40 minutes, so this post will be a bit scrambled, I'm sure. Morning is my best time of the day. I eat lunch and all of a sudden I must nap.

Went down for our Red hatters singing…Randy, our sweet director and piano player is out…..ill, I presume.He is not a strong person…just very kind, very patient and very loving.I am praying for him.

The only other thing on my agenda is the "Singing Good Timers." They do not live here, they are a hired group. due at 2 p.m. I would bet a buck I'll be snoozing.

Jenny, I will certainly look into the Uggs. I need to walk to help my circulation problem, and I will also check on the gel insoles that Larry spoke of. My feet have been swelling too. Isn't old age Exciting though…..never a dull  moment…always something to gripe about.

Time to get ready to go down for lunch so I will close this and pick up later.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Lloyd Hammond on July 06, 2018, 04:02:46 pm
well it is not been a good afternoon, our AC decided to lay down. the up side of it tho is our next door neighbor dose that sort of work. called hem and was right over and found the problem. fixed it and the bill was affordable. he told my wife that it would run at least 4 hours with out shutting off to get the house back up where it should be. I have worked out side all day but am done out there for the day now. I am going to couch for the rest of the day. take a early shower and go to bed early tonight. we are going to a weeding tomorrow. Bobs son is getting Married.

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: June Drabek on July 06, 2018, 10:41:57 pm
I'm just in to say Goodnight. We had a horrific as hades. I recorded112 degrees for Stanton. Took a nice cold shower and that helped, but didn't last. I have read and snoozed off and hot to sleep. The air conditioning was off and on...on just a few minutes, then off for a long time. Ick !!!!! I still have the windows closed. Computer is still over a hundred degrees. Have a good night kids...God is still in charge, thank You God. June
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: JaneS on July 07, 2018, 05:45:59 am
I'm up and (sort of) attem this morning.  Good morning to all in case I don't get back for a while.

I had and email from the berry farm that they will have red and black raspberries plus blueberries to pick today.  And since the weather decided to cool off considerably (only 54 right now and only into the low 70s for the day) I decided to head out for some berry picking.  I don't know how long I'll hold out but the fields are opening at 7 and I'm going to be there as early as I can.

Cathy and I went to the Amish store yesterday and I had a hoagie for my supper.  Didn't need a lot but I got what I needed at a nice bargain.

I wish you all a good day.  Make your best one yet!
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Amy on July 07, 2018, 07:21:14 am
Good beautiful morning!
I love this cooler, no humidity  weather!! Yesterday was a productive day, had a line of laundry dry in no time, weeded some of the garden and sewed...perfect day. :)

Today I am doing more laundry, have a load on the line now with two more to follow. On load is the dogs bedding. Then to the store that has canned soup on 2/1.00 and I need mushroom as I use it in a lot of casseroles. Will bake bread in this cooler temp, owe the neighbour some for the kindling he gave us.

Jane, I would love to go with you, don't forget your hat and sunscreen and water !!

June, my goodness that is hot!! When I first got up temp was 45 and now up to 48 I am sitting here listening to the loons again.:)

Bubble, any word on how Don is doing?

Jenny, I do think it will ease your mind being with your Dad, if only for a few days,

Larry, happy birthday to Pat, enjoy the special day.

Gloria, I hope you are getting this nice weather now with no humidity. I can't take the heat anymore. :(

Laundry is ready to go on line.

Enjoy your day everyone.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: larryhanna on July 07, 2018, 09:22:56 am
 Hi Everyone.  We are going to have a bit cooler day getting to 86 degrees with a 50% chance of rain.    This is going to be a busy morning if I feel up to doing what I hope to do.  Today is our 56th wedding anniversary and we will have the family here around noon to celebrate that and Pat's birthday, which is Monday.  I hope to attend a meeting this morning and then will stop by Firehouse Subs for subs to share for lunch.  Pat has good sausage, cheese and salsa recipe that she fixes in a small crock pot.  I got a couple of bags of chips at Aldis the other day to go with the dip and subs.  Then we will top it off with a slice of Ice Cream Cake that is in the freezer.  I did not feel well yesterday but did get to Costco and quickly picked up a bouquet of 24 beautiful red roses that Pat's sister asked me to get for Pat's birthday.  I thought the sign said the roses were $30 but when I checked out they were only $18 plus a few cents.  Since we are celebrating Pat's birthday today I need to get the card ready and the gift wrapped. However, she is up before I could get it wrapped so will have to be quiet doing so.

Sandy, our windows are not too large and there isn't a problem of dealing with other curtains as there aren't any put up anywhere in this house.  Pat decided she wasn't up to keeping them clean and we have the nice looking slated blinds, which the housekeeper cleans every time she is here.  However, I keep in mind your recommendation if Pat brings up the subject again. 

Jenny, hope the car trip isn't too tiring for you both but know you have a very comfortable car.  I hope you find your dad doing well.  Too bad about the bedsore but if they found it before it has gotten too bad hopefully it will heal up quickly.  You are correct about the anniversary and Pat's 77th birthday.  We are having a family gathering today to celebrate both and then Pat and I will go out to a nice restaurant on Monday for a private celebration of her birthday. 

Jane, sorry to read you had a very busy and hard day at your cash register yesterday.  I hope you have today off to rest up.  I unload the dishwasher in the same way you describe as a lot of the dishes go into cupboards above where the dishwasher is placed.  I have accomplished that task for today and have set the table for the noon meal rather than put those dishes back on the shelf. 

June, hope you had an enjoyable day yesterday.  Like you mornings are the time of day I need to do things if I am going to get them done.  I just completed my kitchen chores for this morning and fixed Pat's breakfast.  I had to sit down for a few minutes and eat my breakfast before I went back and fixed hers.  The gel inserts I mentioned are fitted to your specific feet on a machine in the Dr. Shoal's display at Walmart or drug store.  However, I know you don't get out so another type is probably available you could try. It sounds like you had a miserably hot day that exceeded the capacity of your AC to keep you cool. 

Jane, hope you get a lot of good berries this morning and then the fun begins to work them up. 

Amy, it has been a long time since we made any homemade bread and just have to settle for the good fresh bread we get from Costco occasionally.  I can't buy it too often as it is too good and I eat to much of it.  Enjoy your day. 

Lloyd, certainly glad you didn't have to wait a long time to get your AC fixed.  I know you have a big house so understand why it would take 4 hours.  We have found that the heat pump we have will either heat or cool very quickly but our house is about half as large as you have described yours.  So far this year we have not had a humidity problem in the house so haven't needed to use the dehumidifier but expect to have to get it out any day now as don't want the house to get too humid. 

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Gloria on July 07, 2018, 09:31:55 am
Good morning everyone, I am awake and feeling good, we had rain yesterday with little thunder and lightening in early afternoon. No AC last night and window open with the fan going. Down to 52°, ahh my kind of weather, can breathe again. Having a good cup of coffee from a new coffee pot. My son 2 took the rest of the week off after the 4th to use some vacation days. I had asked him to check on the Keurigs for me and he brought it yesterday. I am actually having a cup of HOT coffee after adding milk to it. Much better than lukewarm to start the day. The sun is shining and the sky a beautiful bright blue this morning. Guess you know I will be speding most of the week end outside enjoying it. Heat and humidity will return next week.

Yesterday while on Skype with my daughter she got a text from my oldest grandson. there is a new fire in the area where he has a house and they have already been alerted they may have to evacuate, that is in San Diego. He bought a house that he has been fixing up to the way he wants it and it is in the country in a canyon. Fires like canyons from what I understand.

LARRY  I am still being careful how I use my left arm, trying not to move it fast or reaching for something but at least it is not hurting like it did.

JENNY  I have been mixed up on the days this week with the holiday on Wednesday. With my son here yesterday instead of today that threw me off today thinking it was Sunday. With so many seniors living in Arizona there must be some home healthcare services. I am lucky my medical insurance pays for the help I get. Have a safe trip to your Dad.

JANE  maybe there was good sales yesterday and that is why so many came through you register with so many purchases?

JUNE  I laugh every time I hear a younger person talk about the "Golden Years".

LLOYD  not a good time for the AC to quit. Mine has kept me cool in here for 4 years but we have not had heat like this since I lived here and it could not keep it cool this time. Enjoy the wedding today.

JANE  it cooled here too and I love it.

AMY great to wake this morning to cool temperatures. Actually finally slept in bed last night and sure feel better this morning. I never could take heat and humidity, first warm/hot day in spring I look forward to the fall and cool weather.

Keep cool.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Mary Ann on July 07, 2018, 11:03:14 am
Gloria and June, I refer to the so-called Golden Years as the Rust Years.  I think I've gotten so many of the ailments for the older population and take the pills to prove it!  Gloria, I did not have the surgery on my shoulder as you did and I treat that shoulder gingerly.  I can reach only so far and sometimes it pains me, other times it isn't so bad.  I take Arthritis 650 and that helps a lot.

I am so thankful for my a/c and I think of all the years I did not have it in other homes.  Open windows just didn't do it. 

Larry, Happy 56th anniversary today to you and Pat.  Each year is a milestone.  And happy 77th birthday Monday to Pat.  I was 77 a long time ago.

Amy, I can't complain about the weather so far today.  At 11 am, it is about 75 degrees and I think the forecast is for the low to mid 80s, in fact we'll be in the 80s all week. 

Incidentally, if I wrote about my thinking yesterday was Saturday, it took until mid afternoon for it to really sink in that it was Friday.  So, if anyone was concerned that I was losing it, I know today is Saturday and the Friday trash is out today because of the July 4 holiday. 

There was a lot to read this morning.  I was able to watch two ships leave and one ship arrive at Duluth this morning so a lot of activity there too.  People already are on the beach and in the water at Grand Haven.

Mary Ann
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: JaneS on July 07, 2018, 01:32:26 pm
Hello!!  I got to the berry fields around 7:30 this morning and it was a perfect day to be out in the fields.  The sun was shining but there was a lovely breeze and it was not hot.  Our high for today is only to be 78º and that's not bad for this time of year! 

I love being there when it's a busy day.  On Saturdays especially, there are lots of families and you can hear muffled voices from every direction.  sometimes the youngsters giggle and while you can't understand what anyone is saying, the voices are all happy.

I came home with enough more red raspberries to have a couple of dishes with milk on them, enough black ones to can for later consumption and some blueberries to freeze for doggie snacks.  I got that idea from a website that Patricia sent me about cool snacks for your pets.  I'd never have though of it on my own.

Now I'm going to go see what I can get into.  A while back, I thought I heard the couch calling my name but it seems to have stopped now and the weight was lifted off my eyelids.  Maybe later.

I hope you are all having a special Saturday today.  You deserve it!  I know the Hanna family is and I'm sure they are enjoying it. 
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Denver on July 07, 2018, 02:06:34 pm

LARRY  :balloons:   PAT

Best wishes for many more years together❣️

Good Saturday Morning HELLO to EVERYFRIEND!

JANE, smiling for you getting to the Amish Store and getting out to pick you fresh berries! 

GLORIA, there are so many fires burning all is truly frightening.  I certainly hope your grandsons place will not become one of the many that have been lost. 

MARYANN......having to chuckle about the “rust years”!  Sadly, I think this is a much more honest description vs the “Golden Years”! 

LARRY, happy to read about the plans for your anniversary celebration today. 

Last night they lost power at my Dads rehab place.  He was stuck in the bathroom for a short period of time, in the dark of course.  It took a bit of time for the back up power to come on.  It lasted an hour or so.  Not too bad.  It is the weekend again, so no PT for today and tomorrow.  I just do not understand that. Seems a rehab would have PT every day....that is what you are there for.  I know you all will  sure be happy when I stop writing/complaining all the time!  My biggest concern is that my Dad is is not allowed to walk on his own with the walker.  Nurses are not allowed to let him, it has to be the PT.  I was in the hospital for 3 days with my hip, then my L then my R knee, and I walked all around the BIG circle many times before I was discharged.  They put on his paperwork that he is capable of walking 200 feet.  That is nothing, as far as I am concerned.  Did I already tell you that his hip wound has never been looked at by anyone since he has been in rehab.  When Diane talked to the surgeons office yesterday morning, trying to find out IF someone was going to come remove the sutures or staples, (they had no idea of what he even has), the office had no record of him being a patient of his surgeons.....and they said that the surgeon would never have sent him to the rehab center he is at!  I am just totally blown away by all of yes, we are very anxious to get down there and see this all first hand! 

I thank you all for your positive comments to me.....

Enjoy a wonderful Saturday.


Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: CallieOK on July 07, 2018, 02:26:55 pm
Good Afternoon,


:hb3:, PAT

This doesn't seem like Saturday to me, either.  Probably because I'm not usually as busy right away as I've been this morning.
Miss Emily has been home for the holiday from graduate school and texted me about 9:00 last night that she would like to stop by on her way back to Kansas today.
Of course, I offered lunch and, of course, she accepted!

I had things out to make sliders for the freezer but had nothing to go with them.  So, instead of "leisurely" reading the paper,  I ate breakfast, got dressed and went to Braum's.
Got a salad bowl to go plus a pint of vanilla ice cream, some baked potato chips and some cookies (pints have to be hand-packed),

Came home, made a dessert of cherry Jello dissolved in boiling water with the ice cream stirred in.  Recipe called for crushed Oreos added but Braum's didn't have those or any kind of "crushable" chocolate cookies.  So I added a few mini chocolate chips.  Only problem was that they sunk to the bottom.  I put the mixture in some parfait glasses.  It was exactly enough for four - and will be a nice dessert if I get around to having a Bridge foursome some time this summer. 
Then I made the sliders.  Had just taken them out of the oven when she arrived.
We visited a bit,  then had a lovely lunch - and she was on her way north.

I'm enjoying watching the ships along with the rest of the Duluth Harbor fans.  By clicking the tabs more or less in order, I've been able to follow an arriving ship all the way down the harbor after it goes under the bridge.

I've also found some webcams for New York Harbor and have been able to watch a cruise ship leave the pier and sail past the Statue of Liberty.  I was able to see the PBS fireworks going up behind the buildings on July 4th.
Another webcam is for Times Square.  It's high on a building at the main intersection and switches from corner to corner at about  3 minutes intervals.
Miss E. was able to explain some of the Disney characters I saw talking to tourists.   Seems they walk up and ask if the tourist(s) would like to have a picture made with them - and then ask for payment. She said she/friends just walked on by and were not "accosted".    They may be connected to a Disney store that's right across the street.

I'm becoming addicted to webcam watching!!!!!! 

Wishing Everyfriend Everywhere an Enjoyable Day.

Jenny,  you posted while I was typing.  I am SO glad you and Bob are going to Phoenix.  Something is NOT right with your Dad's situation and needs to be questioned and fixed ASAP!
Have you seen reports on the wildfire on Weston Pass?   Our news info. is very sketchy and most of mine is coming from the Leadville Facebook page.  Sounds scary!   We went over Weston Pass to Fairplay a couple of times while exploring in our Bronco.

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Lindancer on July 07, 2018, 03:28:02 pm
Good afternoon, my good friends

Callie, I also enjoy watching the NYC web cam, I followed a big cruise ship to to the Narrows the other day.

Jenny, I do not know what to say. We old folks need someone to speak up for us, seems the surgeon should also have kept track of his patient. My prays are also going with you.  I went to a walk in clinic as I have a huge  hematoma on my leg that filled up with blood. I take a blood thinner so thought I had better check out. they put thick gazue on it and a stockinette bandage on it,so I do not hit it again.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Mary Ann on July 07, 2018, 04:02:15 pm
Callie, a lot of us look at the Duluth cams.  I too follow the ships as they come in and go to the Harbor cam and around the corner.  I like to watch the Superior cam too.  I'll have info about Two Harbors and I'll find the ship is in port by the time I get there, even though I'm looking at it before it is supposed to be there.  You look at a lot more cams than I do.  Your dessert sounds delicious.

Jenny, I'm surprised about the lack of attention  your dad is getting following his surgery.  I'm glad you are going down to see him and check on the situation.

Mary Ann
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Shirley on July 07, 2018, 04:18:58 pm
Happy Birthday to Pat... :hb3: :hb2: and a congratulations on the anniversary!  Sounds like y'all have a wonderful week of joy planned. God Bless, and HE has done that, Larry & Pat!  :couple: :congrats:

Jenny, I am so glad you are going to take control of those neglectful care givers!  So sorry they don't seem to be watching out for your father.  Terrible, and it happens way too often.  When Cas was in for the original by-passes I noticed he was the only one without the elastic stockings after he got moved to the cardio floor.  I asked the nurse why & was stunned by her response.... "he threw up on them when they moved him out of recovery and I just haven't had time to wash them".  This was several days after the surgery.  I could not stop myself & blurted out, "with what this operation cost do you think we would not have paid for another pair of hose?  Or you could have given them to me to bring home & wash & would have had them back immediately!"  After that I was on alert and ask questions any time there seemed to be something different or wrong.  Safe trip for you and take care in the heat & fires as you travel that direction. 

Always fun to come here & see what everyone is doing..... I have nothing to report on "doing" so far today.  A lazy lady for sure, just ate a couple times, fed cats & slept.  Too hot to even look outside.
:banghead: :bonk: :dontknow: :eat: :sleep:
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Amy on July 07, 2018, 05:17:46 pm
Happy Anniversary Pat and Larry, may you be blessed with many more!

Today was productive, laundry lined dried and put away, 2 batches of bread made, 3 loaves delivered to the neighbours. and a pot of beef barley soup made.

Now I am going to do a whole lotta nuthin :)
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: JaneS on July 07, 2018, 06:50:33 pm
I just got finished doin' nuthin.  Then I made dog food and fed the doggies and now I'm casting around for something els to do.

I have a bunch of potatoes that have to be used so maybe I'll skip over to Idaho in my recipes and see if they have a recipe that uses potatoes.  Sounds logical, doesn't it?

Tomorrow morning, I'm going to can the black raspberries that I won't be enough and I'm hoping I can make it when the second field comes in at the berry farm.  I'll probably only have about 6 little jars.  But I had such a nice time getting them that I'll savor each one!

JENNY, I wish you a safe trip and quick solutions to all your dad's problems.  I have to say that all you references to your dad bring me lots of lovely memories of my own father. 

I've fed the doggies but I'm not hungry yet myself.  Maybe later I'll finish off the red raspberries.  Enjoy your evening, Everyfriend!
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Shirley on July 07, 2018, 10:33:04 pm
Was here while ago but was locked out & wouldn't take my password.  Working fine again, I do believe computers love to drive us nuts.

Jane, my mouth waters just thinking of potatoes, any which way, I love 'em, soul food.  I really enjoyed Bubble's lemon potato recipe, fixed enough to have left overs & while some don't "left over" very nice, these did.  Glad you found the berry patch fun, do you have chiggers there?  The bugs are awful here because we didn't have a cold enough winter.... can't imagine how bad August will be.

Callie, I keep meaning to tell you that "should Emily ever have any problems in the Wichita area, give her my phone number (I think I sent it to you one time, if not, I will).... I don't drive after dark but can offer suggestions of how to solve problems.  I'm guessing she usually drives during the day & I'd be happy to help a grand.  :-*

Time to give cats one more meal & get myself to bed.  My sleep has been more daytime than night this past week... those darn cats!

Sweet dreams to all and God Bless.  Some times I sit and think about all the Friends no longer here.... how nice it was to know them.   
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: JaneS on July 07, 2018, 11:16:42 pm
Somebody send me the lemon potato recipe.  I'm a potato addict, too.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Denver on July 08, 2018, 12:05:27 am
I LOVE potatoes and lemon, so I would like this recipe also, please! 

SHIRLEY, how sweet of you to offer your telephone number for a grand or child in need.....I , too, would be more than willing to help out anyone in this group that has a need.  Your story about Cas not having his stockings on sounds as rediculous as what has been going on with my Dad.

Thanks to all who wished us safe travels to Arizona.  I have to be honest and say I am not looking forward to the long drive, but we will be fine and will be as safe as we can be.  The fires are a concern as they are popping out all over the West, and of course the extreme heat we are all having.

AMY, yummmm, beef barley soup! 

GLORIA de, take care of that hematoma.  Glad you went in to see about it.  It is quite appalling for sure, the sub level of care that my Dad has received.  I would like to think this might be a isolated case, but sadly, I think it might be the norm, and that is frightening.

CALLIE, the news is about to come on and I will be paying close attention to the news on all of the fires.  They did not say a lot about
The Weston Fire on the early news.  Seems the big story tonight is that they are starting the attempt to get the young boys out of that cave....I certainly hope and pray they can get them all out safely.

EDIT: not much new on Weston Fire.....13K acres and is 34% contained.

I wish you all a good night of rest.  Pleasant dreams to all.

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: roley on July 08, 2018, 04:51:44 am
Denver. Just read your letter and thought this might interest you, 'Pie n Mash' shops are quite common, like everything there are good and bad, the good ones use fresh potatoes for their Mash, the bad one's use commercialy made mash, they do not last long !.
Two Americans in London try 'Bangers n Mash' for first time !. what do you think of their opinions, i like the way the lady is struggling with her knife and fork !... 

                                                                            From Roley...  :thumbup:

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: JaneS on July 08, 2018, 06:14:55 am
Good Morning Everyfriend!  We're up and the doggies have had their pills and we're waiting for the boing so we can have breakfast.  In the meantime, I'll be getting ready for church.

Roley, that was a very interesting bit about the typical food.  I have to say that back in the days when we travelled a lot, I tried to eat at local restaurants and have typical foods of the areas where we travelled.  One of the best meals we had on a trip was the day we took off from the group and took a train to Brighton.  That day we ate lunch in a little restaurant in a side street that had been recommended by a shopkeeper.  It was the best! 

Now I'm going to begin getting ready for church.  Take care my friends!
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Amy on July 08, 2018, 07:20:20 am
Good morning everyone.

Another beautiful day, it will warm up but right now we are enjoying the 50° and no humidity!

I will join you spud eaters as I also love them any way they are prepared.

A day of rest here,will just take the day as it comes.

Jenny safe traveling to see your Dad.

Roley, thank you that was interesting. I love bangers and mash .

Shirley, what Fit bit do you have and do you find it easy to use?

MaryAnn, I am sure we will go from this lovely cool weather to frying soon.

Enjoy your day everyone.

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: so_P_bubble on July 08, 2018, 07:50:31 am
Quote from: JaneS on July 07, 2018, 11:16:42 pm
Somebody send me the lemon potato recipe.  I'm a potato addict, too. (

You need to parboil them first then peel.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: larryhanna on July 08, 2018, 09:10:06 am
 Hi Everyone.  Yesterday was not as hot a day as we have been experiencing and I think today is to stay in the 80's.  We had a brief shower last evening, maybe five minutes.  The birthday and anniversary dinner we had planned for yesterday was just Pat and I and Scott.  The girls backed out at the last minute.  I had just placed the sub order at Firehouse Subs when I got the message from our son that the girls were not coming.  Fortunately, they hadn't made the extra large sub yet so I was able to cancel it and get a refund.  We made the decision yesterday afternoon that we are dispensing with trying to be the Wednesday night dinners as it is becoming too taxing on Pat and also a burden on me that I don't need.  I have also written the Church secretary to remove 2 of the 5 reservations for the two Wednesday evening dinners at the Church this month and have notified the girls.  I have been thinking we needed to make this change for sometime and yesterday was sort of the straw that broke the camel's back.  I told them we wanted them to come visit us on Wednesday evenings or any other time as long as they call to be sure we are home.  I will be going to Sunday School in about an hour and hopefully Pat will feel up to attending Church with me.  We will not be eating out or bringing home something for our Sunday dinner as we have enough left overs from the totillas that we had the other night.  Yesterday I did give Pat her cards and birthday gift.  I had ordered her a set of Boll and Branch sheets and pillowcase.  They are fine quality and I think she will enjoy them.

Thank you all for the Anniversary good wishes and the Happy Birthday greetings for Pat.  They are appreciated. 

Jane it sounds like you lucked out with a beautiful and enjoyable day for the berry picking.  I am surprised the dogs like blueberries.

Jenny, unfortunately our celebration yesterday was not what we had expected but we sure enjoyed the time with just our son as the girls dominate the conversation when they are around. 

Callie, nice to see that Miss Emily was able to spend a little time with you yesterday.  I also had baked potato chips with the dip that Pat fixed yesterday.  I really liked them baked.  That sounds like an interesting dessert.  Chocolate chips are good where ever they end up in a dish. 

deAngel, glad you had the hematoma checked out and now can protect it. 

Shirley, as you can see from what I wrote above our planned celebration didn't turn out as anticipated.  We sure have a lot of that ice cream cake left in the freezer, not that I am complaining.  Every older person needs an advocate when in the hospital.  Fortunately, Pat is a good advocate for me as she worked as a nurse many years ago and isn't hesitate to question and speak up when needed. 

Amy, you must have had an oven full of bread.  Some of that bread and the soup would make a wonderful meal.  In fact, the bread would have made a wonderful meal.  :)

Jane, did you find a potato recipe? 

Roley, good morning and hope it has cooled off in your area a bit at least. 

Bubble, thanks for sharing the link on the potato recipe.  I will have to share it with Pat. 

Gloria, sure was good to see you were feeling good yesterday when you woke up and hope it stayed that way all day and you more of the same today.  You will enjoy the Keurig coffee maker.  It is so easy to use and no cleanup.  Sure hope your grandson doesn't have to evaulate from his house. 
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Gloria on July 08, 2018, 09:38:00 am
Good morning everyone. Just  heard on the news that they have taken 2 boys out of that cave and are on their way to a hospital. I pray they can get the rest of them out today.
it is 58° and another good night for sleeping witn no AC.  I was outside about 4 hours yesterday, perfect day for it.

LARRY  wish you and Pat a wonderful anniversary. I know I am a day late but that's me-a day late as usual. Happy Birthday to PAT.

MARY ANN   I had my right shoulder replaced but it is the left one I twisted somehow that I am being careful with now. Still aches so am very careful what I do with it. Trying to hold that arm close to my body but still have to use it at times. With the heat we have just broken here I have been thinking about when I was a youngster and my Mom would start canning on the big old cast iron oil stove we had. Not even a fan back then.  I have had the days mixed up this week. My son usually comes on the week end and with him coming on Thursday it messed me up even more. Doesn't take much to do that these days.  Yestterday I was wondering why my CNA didn't come, she comes Monday not Saturday.

JANE  you have my mouth wa tering for some of the raspberries you picked. Local blueberries will be ready here in about 2 more weeks. Will freeze some of them and just eat the rest. I have at least 2 quarts of strawberries in the freezer already.

JENNY  my daughter heard from her son that the fire close to him was almost  out and he could rest from the threat of getting out. What your Dad is going through makes one wonder about the medical profession and hospitals today.

CALLIE  your dessert sounds like something I would enjoy.

GLORIA de  Getting so all we do these days is see a doctor or go to emergency rooms.

SHIRLEY  I seldom have anything "going on". I think my life is just plain  routine here.

AMY  I do do a lot of "nuttin". Beef Barley soup is a favorite of mine. Most any home made soup I love.

SHIRLEY  Bubble sent you a lemon potato recope? Can you send it to me? Like you I love potatoes and could make a meal of just them.

PETER  like the link you posted. I would like t he potat oes but keep the sausage. I would never want someone to use their fork in my plat e and I would never put mine in anyone's either.

BUBBLE  thanks for the link to the lemon potatoes. I know my daughter would love them. She used to eat a lemon like one would eat an orange.

LARRY as of last evening the fire near my grandson only had 10% more to be put. Thank God.

Have a cool day.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Lloyd Hammond on July 08, 2018, 10:44:05 am
 so_P_bubble you are wasting the healthy's part of the Patoe ,the skin is where the vitems are. have a great day everyone.

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Shirley on July 08, 2018, 11:58:55 am
Thank you, Bubble, for that link.... I was trying to remember all the steps without getting out my recipe!  Takes me a few tries before I dare fix anything without the recipe card laying in front of me!  Any news to share about Don? 

Lloyd, I've only fixed the potatoes once like this but don't see why "new" potatoes with skins wouldn't be good...yummy, in fact!  I did buy new potatoes but after the par-boiling I did slip the skins off.  I was surprised just now nice they kept as left overs. 

Larry, good for Pat & you that she isn't afraid to speak up!  I felt like my cardiologist (not surgeon) earned his pay by visiting every day to check & visit with me to make sure I was doing okay.  He was the one that allowed me to not be force fed pills..... The surgeon stopped by now & then but hardly seemed interested in the "whole me", if you know what I mean.  Good surgeon that retired not long after doing mine.  Maybe a burn out on his part.  Some times it is really nice to have our kids to ourselves....  :thumbup:

Glad your grandson's place is out of danger, Gloria.... even if it is an on going danger, right? 

Amy, I have the FitBit HR 2.........wore out the first one but keeping track of my sleep is really important at this stage.  I can't judge how much sleep I get without so now I know if I NEED to add hours during the day or just being lazy.  My kids helped set up & get it connected to the computer & phone.... but don't have this one connected to my iPhone yet, waiting to catch one of the kids here & has the time.  When the band broke on my first one they sent a new & online help walked me through setting it up. That was with a different cell phone & the basic was already on computer & phone.  First of all, this is the most accurate watch I ever owned... I don't bother counting calories, my weight hasn't changed in 30 years.  I'll bet you would be amazed how many steps you take during a normal day.... I don't try to keep up with my kids.

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: JaneS on July 08, 2018, 01:14:33 pm
Well, I saved the potatoes!  Idaho came through!  I made both recipes (the one I had bookmarked and the one Patricia sent me and they both look good! 

However, there are some potatoes left and I think I'll do them like BUBBLE'S recipe.  I checked and I have all the ingredients and the oven is already going so....why not!

Any of you potato-holics want to join me this week?  We'll get our potato fix!

I have McCormick's paprika from the grocery store and Smoked Paprika Spanish Style from Penzey's.  I think I'll be adventurous and use the Spanish one.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Lloyd Hammond on July 08, 2018, 02:43:25 pm
Shirley I am surprised more of you Ladies don't know that the best way to fix new Patois Is with skins on and boil until tender to fork and then put them in creamed peas. where you girls raised ? HA HA HA.

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: CallieOK on July 08, 2018, 04:02:26 pm
Good Afternoon,

The Church Ladies went to Pepperoni Grill today.  We each had an item from their Sunday Brunch menu and everything was delicious!   The mixed melon chunks were the best I've had in a very long time.

Shirley,  if you have sent me your phone number....I've lost it.  :-[   Please e-mail me again.
I think Emily takes the I-35 cutoff at Derby so goes around Wichita.  She's not good about calling people she doesn't know (wouldn't even call the cousin she didn't know well when her flight to NYC was stranded overnight in Nashville!) but it won't hurt for her to have the information.  Thank you.

Jenny, thanks for the wildfire information via Facebook messenger.  I didn't realize there were so many.

Larry,  I don't blame you for cancelling the scheduled get-togethers with the girls.  All of the plans sounded lovely

Roley,  my husband, two sons and I were in London when the boys were teens.  I remember the chef at a buffet telling my very tall skinny younger son he was getting an extra helping of  roast beef and Yorkshire pudding because he "needed some meat on his bones."   Son was very skeptical because he had no idea what Yorkshire pudding was.
I also remember the manager of a small hotel where we stayed asking our tour guide how many in the group would want a full English breakfast and being a bit shocked when he said,  "All of them".
We Okies aren't used to a bun and tea being called Breakfast.   :)

Off to finish reading the paper and hoping the evening news will report more - if not all- of the boys have been rescued from the Thailand cave.

Hoping Everyfriend Everywhere is having an Enjoyable Day.

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: JaneS on July 08, 2018, 04:10:19 pm
BUBBLE....HELP!  I can't find anywhere that you said what temp to set the oven for the lemon potatoes.  I have them ready to go in and I don't know how hot!
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Amy on July 08, 2018, 04:58:01 pm
Jane, I found this and it says 400 but I don't think you would need the 40 min if yours are parboiled.

Shirley, thank you for the information. I am going to look into one as I don't think I am sleeping all that great at night.

Speaking of sleeping, I did get a good cat nap this afternoon. :) Managed to get some sewing done too.
So far a great day.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: JaneS on July 08, 2018, 07:37:39 pm
Thanks, AMY!  It never occurred to me to google them.  I made them (Bubble's way) with your oven temp and I think you need the time to get them crispy on the outside.  I checked them at 30 minutes then at 36 and took them out at 40.  They're goooooood!

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Denver on July 09, 2018, 12:08:36 am
We thought we had everything pretty much done so we would be ready to head out for AZ very early in the morning, but as always there is always something more to do!  Tonight is our get the trash together for a Monday morning pickup....of course we can not leave our trash can out, sohad to make a few choices about what could be shared with neighbors cans, (we asked before we did it) and wha5 can wait until the first pickup after our return.  I had to clip a lot of my yard plants as they have bee; growing like weeds with the occasional showers and hot temps we have been having lately. 

LARRY, I do believe I picked up on a bit of hurt in your comments about the girls, and rightfully so.  I know you and Pat try to do things nice for the girls to spend time and sometimes it just doesn’t go the way we hope for.  I am sorry.  Happy you both enjoyed the time you had with your son.  Please wish Pat a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY from me, tomorrow, please. 

ROLEY, I enjoyed the pie and mash story you shared.  It was very informative.  When we spent 3 weeks in London a couple of years ago we did enjoy some different types of mash, that we did not remember being available 50 years ago, the last time we spent a few months there.  Our son was living in London the last time we were there, so we stayed in his flat while he was on the continent and we had the chance to enjoy a LOT of special meals.  When we were there 50 years ago we were in the military and could not afford to eat out very much. 

GLORIA, I am happy to read the Grandson’s place is no longer threatened by the fire.  Thank goodness they were able to get it under control so quickly. 

CALLIE, sadly there are way too many fires burning all over the is very frightening.  The big super tanker that is housed in Colorado Springs is out in California fighting fires now because Colorado law did not allow it to fly here in the state.....I am not sure why.  Now they have that corrected but the navigation system has to be updated to match the forest services, before it can  fly here....DUH, what is wrong with this picture?  It set on a runway here with all of the huge fires burning!

I must get to bed.....thank you for the safe travel wishes.....we plan to be as careful as can be! 

Pleasant dreams to all.

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: JaneS on July 09, 2018, 07:14:30 am
Good Morning Everyfriend!  I'm up and attem and I'm looking at a couple of jobs that I've been trying to ignore.  Today, at least one of them will get done and that's a promise I've made to myself.  Of course, it's also a work day and I have to bear that in mind.  This is my evening shift and I think I like it this way. 

JENNY, God be with you on your travels and as you try to make your father's recovery a bit easier!

I better get busy now before i lose my initiative!  Enjoy your day Everyfriend!
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Amy on July 09, 2018, 07:55:49 am
Good morning everyone..

I slept in and I have a feeling will have a cat nap during the day as sleep was interrupted  a few times .

Need to finish weeding the garden and do a few things in the house.

Hope everyone has a great day..
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: larryhanna on July 09, 2018, 09:08:35 am
 Hi Everyone. We are looking forward to another very nice day with it staying in the upper 80s but with low humidity and then typical summer weather will be back for the rest of the week.

The only thing on our schedule for today is we are going to go out for a mid-afternoon main meal at a nice restaurant that we have enjoyed in the past but haven't been to in the last year or so.  Scott will be going with us for the final celebration of Pat's birthday, which actually is today.  Later this afternoon we expect the girls will come over and do a load of laundry as they are still awaiting the repairman to get Scott's washing machine fixed.

I enjoyed the Sunday School and Church service yesterday and this was the second Sunday for the one combined service.  I hope this will become an annual tradition as it gives a chance for the Church to come together as one congregation.  However, by the time I got home I wasn't feeling well and spent a lot of time laying in bed yesterday afternoon.  I did have a good night's sleep and am feeling OK this morning although not peppy.  So will try not to over exert today. Pat didn't feel up to attending yesterday.

Gloria, I just read this morning that they had gotten out the 5th boy from the cave but now they are expecting torrential rains that may hamper further rescue efforts.  Those men that rescued those boys are certainly heros.  Nice to see you were able to be outside for several hours yesterday.  Thanks for the anniversary and birthday wishes.  We have managed to spread this celebration period out over several days but today will be the end of it until next year.  So glad to read your grandson's home is no longer in the fire danger zone. 

Lloyd, I know about the nutrition being in the potato skins but I still don't like them and usually won't eat them. 

Shirley, I remember each spring my mother would harvest some of the new potato's early and fix them with some of the fresh garden peas.  In the past Pat has also purchased those small potato's.  I think surgeon's are often interested only in the surgery site and they leave the rest of the patient to other doctors. While we were disappointed that the girls did not join us on Saturday we actually enjoyed just the time with our son as we will today. 

Callie, I haven't heard of the Pepperoni Grill but looked them up and see they started in Edmond, Oklahoma.  From their website it looks like the food would be delicious. 

Amy, sorry to see you are not sleeping well.  Have you ever been checked for sleep apnea?  Do you have to bend over to weed your garden or do you use a garden hoe or other tools for the job?  Hope it isn't too hot out there in your garden.

Jenny, it seems there are always some last minute details before a trip.  Since we have to keep our big garbage bin in the garage I bought a large plastic container that one would use for food storage that has a lid that seals tightly and we use that for anything that would cause odor if put directly into the garbage can such a banana peals and meat bones.  We usually also put the items in small plastic bags or wrap them in the stretch wrap before they go into the air-tight container.  On trash day we just dump this container contents into the garbage and take the bin to the street.  It makes the garage much more enjoyable to go into.  Elizabeth often talks about where she is being disrespected at her job and I guess I felt that the girls had really disrespected us on Saturday to not let us know until literally the last minute.  However, it certainly didn't ruin our day and this isn't the first instance and won't be the last. 

Jane, glad to see you are enjoying the evening shift.  I hope your task that you have been ignoring goes well today.  Sometimes just getting started is the hardest part of a task but there is satisfaction when the task is completed. 

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: CallieOK on July 09, 2018, 11:22:55 am
Merry Monday  (beat ya to it, Shirley  :happydance: )

Larry,  I didn't realize Pepperoni Grill is literally "locally owned".   The thing I like about the newest one is that there's a separate entrance to the room that groups can use.  So nice for parking and that you don't have to go through the restaurant to get there.

Haven't been up and at 'em long enough to have done anything worth commenting on.  Am sure we all have just about the same morning routine.  ;)

Wishing Everyfriend Everywhere an Enjoyable Day.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Shirley on July 09, 2018, 09:10:44 pm
Callie.............. :buck2: :buck2: :buck2: ;D   

I have nothing to show for my day... went to Sam's for a chicken for cats, went to NBC (fav clothing store that us midwesterners know about) and back to the grocery store to buy white bread for the fish.  Did not see a single fish but flushed out about a dozen very young ducks along the bank. 

Larry, I had not heard of those sheets so did a Google & they sound wonderful!  Have you used them before?  I do like the all cotton.

Jenny, was wondering how you break that drive up, no idea how many miles from your house to destination.  Hearing awful reports about the dust storms (as if fires not bad enough!)  Give your father a big hug from "one of the kids" you share him with.   :thumbup:

Gloria, I'd love to have a "routine" day now & then, always some kind of disaster around here.

Jane & Amy, I'm seriously thinking about a whole day off, think it's possible?  I just realized I forgot to eat tonight, I'm tired of "good for me" food.... maybe a couple Eggos, not at all hungry. 
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: June Drabek on July 09, 2018, 10:20:06 pm
Good night, God Bless, Hugs, Love and prayers. June
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: JaneS on July 09, 2018, 10:34:16 pm
SHIRLEY, bet ya can't do it!  I've tried taking a day off and there's always some kine of mini-emergency that gets me moving.  I have, however, managed to mess around on the computer in my pj's for a couple of hours in the morning. 

Tonight was a much easier shift than the last morning I put in but driving home was murder!  3/4 of the way, I had the setting sun shining directly into my eyes.  In years gone by, that bothered me a little but now it's almost blinding!  And it's going to keep being lower and lower when I go home.  I'm just about due west from the store. 

I wish you all a good night and a good tomorrow!  If the berry picking is good, I might go in the early afternoon.  It's supposed to be cloudy!
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Gloria on July 10, 2018, 07:10:33 am
Good morning everyone 61° to start the day, going to be hot and humid again today.  Today is the  69th anniversary of our local NBC channel, first TV channel in RI. Remember the days when The Outlet dept. store was where ut started. Biggest Dept store in Providence. They put a TV in one of their windows and it was always crowded with people looking at it. At Christmas at a big corner window it was full of animated Christmas figures, always people standing there amazed by all of it. Like all the other department stres in the down town are they are no more thanks to all the malls around.
Yesterday was beautiful, once I got myself started I was outside most of the day. Glad I did, today will be an AC day, today they have already said it is a bad air day. There is a big lake at the other end of the state that had been closed for swimming because of bacteria. They cannot find where it is coming from and the people living around it are getting pretty angry not being able to go into it with the hot weather. Even some of the ocean beaches were closed for swimming in the heat last week. Imagine sitting on a hot sunny beach and not being able to go into the water to cool off?
Just heard there are 11 boys out of the tunnel and 2 more to go. Thank God. Reporter said 2 boys have lung infections. Prayers they can be cured. Imagine drinking the water in that cave? Wonder if any of those boys or the coach were/are boy scouts or something like that.

Think I will get ready and go out while it is still cool and the sun not burning hot. Have a good day.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Amy on July 10, 2018, 07:37:11 am
Good morning everyone..

Another hot sultry day in the making here..waiting on VON and the run into town and pick up a script at the drug store. I did get some sewing done yesterday, along with greasing the lawn tractor. Today I hope to put the quilt together.

Jane, have you tried a different pair of sun glasses, I see an ad on tv about sun glasses the army uses and may even be sold in Walmart?

Larry, I likely won't be able to sleep through the night for a while, golden girl wants out in the night now or needs help getting up on the bed.

Shirley, good luck on taking a whole day off, much easier said than done.

Gloria, good to see you, missed you yesterday.

June, hope all is well with you.

Lloyd, I love a baked potato with crispy skin, will dig out the potato and put butter and garlic in the skin ..YUM!!

Well, slept in again so I had better get a move on it.

Enjoy your day everyone.

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: JaneS on July 10, 2018, 08:37:38 am
Good morning Everyfriend!  I've been up and attem and watching the weather for clouds.  So far...none...just bright sunshine. 

AMY, I've actually looked at those military type sunglasses but I don't think I can use them.  If I want to drive, I need the correction that is in my regular glasses and while they do darken, it's not enough when I'm driving directly into the sun.  With just plain sun glasses, I don't have the correction.  Getting old is the pits!  Admitting it is even harder!

Gotta go!  Things to do before I go for berries!  Enjoy your day, Everyfriend and Shirley, enjoy you "day off"!
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Lloyd Hammond on July 10, 2018, 09:19:43 am
JaneS good morning, I have a couple tips for you. ( Night driving, when facing on cumming traffic look to the right close to your car on the shoulder line until passed. ) ( In the sun pull the over head vizier down and put it either in front or side what ever is needed.  maybe time to retire as you tell me. Have a great day.

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: JaneS on July 10, 2018, 09:26:58 am
Thanks for the advice LLOYD.  I don't drive at night at all any more and I try to avoid driving into the sun morning and late afternoon.  I like cloudy days and even rainy ones if it's not POURING!
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: larryhanna on July 10, 2018, 09:31:36 am
 Hi Everyone.  I just now saw the headline that the 12th boy and the soccer coach have now been rescued from the cave.  What an ordeal.

It is another beautiful and clear morning here in South Carolina.  It is 66 this morning but headed up to 98 this afternoon.  I am thankful I am staying home today where it will be cool and have only a commitment at 10 am, which will be accomplished here at the house. 

We had a delightful and delicious meal at Cheddars yesterday.  Then soon after we got home the girls came out and did a load of laundry and while it was washing the girls played some games of Farkle.

For the last several days we have noticed a very unpleasant smell in our garage and then in the car when we were out.  We couldn't locate the cause until yesterday we isolated it to the car.  On the third check of the trunk I finally located the problem.  It was a package of beef I had purchased at Costco last week that is sliced for sandwiches.  Some way it had gotten to the back of the truck entangled with the transport chair.  The packaging was black.  We were checking the truck again and I got in just the right position to see the package at the back of the trunk.  It was tightly sealed but very puffed out but that didn't stop the odor and it is now out on the patio and will go into the trash Thursday morning. 

Callie, the separate entrance to a party room at a restaurant is really a good idea so you don't have to walk through a lot of tables to get to the party room. 

Shirley, anytime I drive somewhere I consider I have done something for the day and you did quite a bit of shopping.  I have never heard of the NBC clothing stores.  I also just heard of the Boll and Branch company fairly recently and when I did I thought it would make an excellent gift for Pat's birthday.  She is a bit hard to buy for and this is something she can enjoy for a very long time.  She likes things made of cotton, like her quilting fabrics and clothes.  I hope you will give yourself a gift and take a whole day off. 

June, hope you had a good night's sleep and today finds you feeling a bit chipper.

Jane, I sure don't envy you driving home facing the sun.  They have a terrible problem with that and traffic around Atlanta with people going East in the morning to work and West going home at night.  Glad you had a better day at work yesterday.

Gloria, I remember when TV's first started showing up in stores.  My Aunt and Uncle had one of the early TV sets, which was a tiny picture in a large piece of furniture and occasionally we would go to visit for a day and get to watch it a little bit.  When Pat and I first got married we had a little nine inch TV.  TV has come a long ways since our youth.  Now the big malls are disappearing.  I fear that online shopping is going to see the demise of many of our stores, whether large or small.  I read that Sears was closing more of their stores and I think Macy's is doing the same.  Glad you could enjoy the outside yesterday but it sounds like today may not allow the same.  I looked it up and they do have a scouts organization in Thailand that has existed since 1911.  I did see this morning that the adult leader is a monk and is being considered a hero at being able to keep all of the boys alive during this very long and terrible ordeal. 

Amy, it sounds like you have a full schedule for today.  Too bad you can't get a full night's sleep due to the needs of golden girl.  Hope you can work in a nap when you are really tired. 

Jane, I have a pair of sunglasses that fit over my glasses when I used to wear glasses.  It sure helped with the sun.  I tried the lens that darken but didn't like them and never had them after that one pair of glasses.  Hope you find a lot of good berries today. 

Lloyd, that is good advice on driving into the sun.  I am sure the years of long haul truck driving gave you many opportunities to use those techniques. 
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Shirley on July 10, 2018, 10:00:02 am
Jane, I've run into those concrete walls (figure of speech) driving into the sun & finally gave up & had 'scrip sunglasses made with all they advised extras (that cost more... like polarized, etc)... and they not only didn't help in the sun, I had to take them off to walk into the house without running into a wall (real wall).  Moral of that story, just don't drive into the sun, morning or night.  I'm with you for driving in rain.... but a bit much when all you can see is the bumper of an 18 wheeler doing less than 40 mph in a 75 mph zone!!! I was afraid to stop because I couldn't even see a place to turn off. 

Lloyd, those sun visors don't help a short person a lot until I got smart this past year & put a cushion under me.... but the bottom of the steering wheel touches my body, seat was raised as high as possible & up front as far as my toes could touch... not a safe way to drive.  I know they make pedal extenders but problem with that is not easy to switch drivers on a long trip.  I'm not ready to stay in one place but old age is sure trying my patience and solutions to overcome the handicaps years bring on.

I did find some sun shades that just cling to the car windows so quick & easy, can put them on while driving.  Came with 2 different darkness (2 each)... Have not tried them on the front when driving into the sun, Jane, but afraid not legal on front windshield...  if I ever get caught like the "last time" where I really was sick at my stomach it was so bad... I will have them handy & try!  When the days get shorter it is hard to get from one place to another & miss both ends of sun blind... my treks to CO or MO.

Oh, Larry, I just had to giggle at your odor cause.... I had an onion roll out of the bag one time, in the back of a conversion van where it could hide behind so many of those metal parts that convert a couch into a bed.  I looked & looked more but could not see a thing.... until it got so bad I was ready to drive the vehicle into the river to wash inside out!  From then on I have carried 3 small styrofoam coolers "for hot, cold & just to keep from rolling".  Looks very neat back there.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: JaneS on July 10, 2018, 10:49:02 am
I saw something advertised that attaches to your visor and can be raised or lowered as needed.  I think it's made of the same stuff those military glasses are and I've been watching for it to appear in our "As Seen On TV" department.  I might get one of those. 

It's when it comes just below the visor or right in the middle between the two that it's likely to turn blue in the car.  Annoying, to say the least!
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: roley on July 10, 2018, 11:01:22 am
G'Day all.
             At last some relief from the hot weather, it's a lot cooler today thank goodness but, the forecaster says the hot weather will return in time for the weekend!, I thought it might change as 'Little Alfie' (our West Highland Terrier) is due for his by-monthly grooming, he should at least be more comfortable this time around if the hot weather does return.
Larry.. I'm sure your comments about on-line shopping are correct, for some time now several of our 'big name' stores have been cutting back on staff and closing smaller branches around the country due they say to the increase of on-line shopping !, now believe it or not, Banks are doing the same !, that is causing a few problems for the locals too, i can tell you, I think the old days of 'The Customer Counts' are long over now, goodness knows how the elderly folk without computers or access to the nearest ATM's manage.

                                                                         Cheers for now.  Roley.   :thumbup:
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Mary Ann on July 10, 2018, 11:13:07 am
Shirley, as another shorty - and I think I've told this before - one time my dad purchased a Valiant which was a compact car.  It had a floor shift that kind of wrapped around the front of the bench seat.  I could only pull the bench seat up so far because of the stick shift so the gas pedal was too far from my reach.  Dad put a block of wood on the gas pedal.  I could reach the brake OK.  I also had to have a pad on the seat to raise it so I could see over the dashboard and steering wheel.  Compact car?  Hah!  Our next car was a Corvair with bucket seats and I loved it.  i had only bucket seats after that and got along fine - no padding, no blocks of wood.

Mary Ann
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Lloyd Hammond on July 10, 2018, 01:19:44 pm
Mary Ann did he fasten it with a long screw through it so you could not push it too far down ? HA HA HA

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Mary Ann on July 10, 2018, 03:06:50 pm
Lloyd, I assume you're referring to the board on the gas pedal - and I get your meaning (ha ha), but I don't remember how he fastened it.  However, it was on the pedal firmly and I know he used it too.  But he could push the seat back for his convenience and I could only bring it forward so far because of the floor stick which bent around the seat. 

I think our first Corvair was the first car with a console and we/I had those ever since.  And I don't have to worry about things like that now because I don't drive any more! 

Grand Haven is busy for a week day.  Someone is flying a kite and it looked like someone was on a Ski-Doo or something similar.  People on the beach and in the water.  It's close to 90 degrees here so not too far from that at the lake.

Mary Ann
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: June Drabek on July 10, 2018, 06:51:08 pm
This has been a weird weekend and more. I think my mind is closing down at times, as I want to fall asleep at any time of the day. One day, I think it was Saturday,  I took my meds, did my breathing machine..went to get dressed, but laid down on my bed and woke up at noon. Don't even remember falling asleep.

But that was then, and this is now.We had three days of very, very hot weather, better today, though the A/C was needed off and on.

We had our walking club today, which I really wanted to be a member of, but this right foot is still too painful. I looked on the computer to see what the uggs and the gel insoles have to offer,but I'll wait to talk it over with my son. He may want to take me to a podiatrist but I don't want to start doctoring if I can find inserts to help.

We had a high of 87 today....more livable than the 108's. Hope it stays this way. My eyes are wanting to close again, so I'll grab a book,kick  back in the recliner and see what happens.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Radioman34 on July 10, 2018, 08:01:36 pm
I have settled into a retirement home for one month of respite care in the hope of restoring my strength.  After that Im not sure. The reality of the situation demands that I sell my condo and move into a seniors home and Im starting to lean in that direction. So I will start some serious thinking
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Mary Ann on July 10, 2018, 08:21:00 pm
Don, that is a hard decision to make.  I know if my nephew did not live with me, I'd be in a retirement home by now.  I'm just hoping my health keeps near the present level until the end. 

Mary Ann
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: June Drabek on July 10, 2018, 08:51:44 pm
Don, I lived for ten years in a retirement home in Hemet, and because I was younger I had a great time. When I turned 91 my son wanted me to live nearer to him and his wife. He had been teaching Bible Studies here at Rowntree Gardens for 11 years, and felt I would be happy here. I love it. It is run by the Quakers, but all faiths are welcome. I couldn't be happier. My suggestion is that you settle near family. Do you have relatives nearby ? It makes life easier if you do. I will be saying some prayers for the decisions you will have to make. Good luck, and God Bless. June
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: JaneS on July 10, 2018, 11:28:39 pm
I went back to the berry fields today and picked 4 quarts of black raspberries for me and some blueberries for my neighbor.  She wanted to go with me but is putting an all out effort into getting ready to entertain her daughter, SIL and 2 granddaughters who are arriving from England on the 20th.  When I stopped to give them to her, I told her she could have them for supper or breakfast or both.  She was delighted and said, "I think I'll have them all for supper".

On my way home I stopped at the mail box and picked up my mail and when I got home, I didn't put the window back up.  Later, it began to rain and I hurried out to put the window up.  Somewhere along the way, I must have twisted something because I have terrible pain in my knee that shoots up into my posterior.  If I don't make a miraculous recovery overnight, I won't be in my usual place at WM tomorrow and I will be calling the Dr.  Walking is extremely painful.  I put Epsom Salt Rub on it but I don't think it's doing much good. 

DON, I too, will be praying that you make the right decision for you.  That has to be a hard one to make. 

And now, I'm off to Dreamland and to ask for relief from this pain.  It only hurts when I walk so maybe sleeping will be OK.  Good night my friends.  God bless and keep you!
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Denver on July 11, 2018, 01:02:58 am
I am so sorry, and rather upset with myself that my quick post last night telling you that we did arrive safely did not get posted.  It was a long drive of nearly 900 Miles and 14 hours. It went very well, but we had three different down pours that we extremely scary with the rain coming down so hard the wipers just could not keep up.  The last one was the worse, and when we were the tiredest! But we just slowed down and worked our way as safely as possible down the highway from Flagstaff to Phoenix.  Many crazies were driving just like there was no issues at all, and one of those ended up rolling the car several times down a deep revine. 

We got to the rehab center to pick my Dad up this morning around 10 AM. I was so pleased to see how well he seemed and he was so happy to see us.  The staff kept coming in to tell him goodbye and how they were going to miss him and what a wonderful patient he was.  We all had to chuckle knowing some of the crazy stuff went out there during his car.  As he rounded the corner by the nurses station so many of them we all there clapping and carrying on and hugging him and wishing hm well.  It was very sweet!  We were all surprised and pleased to see how well he wa# navagating the Walker.  He has clearly  been told to be very careful and think about his movements before he does anything.  I know that all of your positive thoughts and prayers have helped him through this, and I thank you all so much. 

JANE, I am sorry to read you have hurt your foot. I hope it will be much better feeling in the morning, and please do stay home and take care of it if there are any questions about it. 

DON, I hope you can make a decision that you will be comfortable with for your long term living conditions. 

LARRY,  I am sorry thesliced beef managed to hide from you and be left in the back of the car.  We bought one of the larger insulated bags that zip and Bob always puts all of the cold stuff in them at Costco or what ever store, then he can easily carry the bag in the house and feel sure nothing cold has moved out of sight in the back of the car.  Sure glad you found it before it split open and made a big mess. 

Big took a bit of time to get Dad put to bed, but he seems to be asleep and now I will say GOOD NIGHT to all.  Pleasant dreams to all. 


Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Denver on July 11, 2018, 02:13:17 am

My session timed out, so here is the rest of my post.

JANE, I am sorry to read you have hurt your foot. I hope it will be much better feeling in the morning, and please do stay home and take care of it if there are any questions about it. 

DON, I hope you can make a decision that you will be comfortable with for your long term living conditions. 

LARRY,  I am sorry thesliced beef managed to hide from you and be left in the back of the car.  We bought one of the larger insulated bags that zip and Bob always puts all of the cold stuff in them at Costco or what ever store, then he can easily carry the bag in the house and feel sure nothing cold has moved out of sight in the back of the car.  Sure glad you found it before it split open and made a big mess. 

Big took a bit of time to get Dad put to bed, but he seems to be asleep and now I will say GOOD NIGHT to all.  Pleasant dreams to all. 

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: JaneS on July 11, 2018, 06:14:32 am
Good Morning Everyfriend!  No miraculous recovery overnight.  My knee is still very painful so WM will have to get by without me this morning.  I'll be calling them soon to tell them I'm not going in.  Then I'm calling the dr. to try to make an appointment.  If I have to be immobile, I'd rather be immobile in the winter than the summer!

JENNY, such good news about your father.  He must be a great patient if the nurses were so happy for him and so sorry to see him go.  He must be a very special person and you are very lucky to have him still!

The doggies and I are waiting for the boinger then we'll have our breakfast.  I wish Everyfriend a lovely day full of whatever suits your fancy!  Take it and make it yours!
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Amy on July 11, 2018, 07:05:56 am
Good morning everyone.
A lovely cool day so far. I shut the a/c off and opened up the windows during the night.
Taking hubby's van in to see what it would take/cost to fix the a/c on it this morning.

Jane , one radish was of a size to pull and after washing it off ate it...…..well it bit  back!!! My goodness it was hot! Frying will be the way to go when I get a few more. Sorry about your foot/knee..try and stay off it as much as you can today. What about an ice pack on it?
Jane could you were a set of the "army glasses " over your other ones?

Jenny, glad to read you made the long trip alright. Say hello to your Dad from all of us here.

Don, not an easy decision to make but one we all will have to make in our life. At least you have a say in it and I agree with June about staying close to family.

Larry, gosh that would have made a nasty smell, happy you found the cause!

Better get a move on here.

Enjoy your day everyone..

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: JaneS on July 11, 2018, 07:30:05 am
AMY, thanks for the suggestion re: army glasses over regular.  I can't do that.  I tried and if I have them on and I drive into a shady area, it's like night fell.  I can't see anything.  I don't drive at night but I can see in the shady areas with my regular glasses.  That's why I'm thinking those visor attachments might work.  I could push it out of the way quickly in the shady areas. 

I called off from work and at 8 a.m. I'm calling the Dr.  If it's not one thing, it's two other things!  One could crave peace! But I suppose than I'd complain I was bored.

AMY, frying the radishes will definitely tone down the sharp taste.  I really like them fried.

I think I'll go get dressed while I wait to call the Dr.  On with the day!
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: larryhanna on July 11, 2018, 09:34:41 am
 Hi Everyone.  Another clear and beautiful morning here in South Carolina.  Nothing on my schedule for today except going to dinner tonight at the Church and then Scott probably will come out for a couple of hours.  I will help Pat with a load or two of washing and fix her breakfast.  We had another of our salad dinners with either chicken or tuna last evening.  We enjoy these and they are very easy to prepare.  So it should be a fairly restful day.

Yesterday a little after 4 pm I took a big bag of paper records over and had them recycled at one of our credit union branches.  There was quite a line and I had to stand out in the sun probably 10 minutes or so.  I had also parked where I had to walk back to the car up an incline but made it OK.  The AC in the car felt mighty good.

Shirley, I have driven a few times in Florida when there would such a downpour I was afraid to pull off the highway as I had to follow the taillights of the person ahead of me.  Fortunately those downpours didn't last too long before we drove out from them.  We usually carry a cooler in the trunk but when I put the transport chair in the trunk there really isn't room.  We do have two insulated thermal bags and I had filled one up but hadn't put the meat into the other one.  I won't make that mistake again when I go to Costco and will at least put it in one of the other grocery tote bags we use at Aldi's.  We are only about 10 minutes from either store to home so things really don't thaw out or get too hot. 

roley, nice to see you are getting some relief from the hot weather and I bet Little Alfie does appreciate it.  We are also losing branch banks around here as many people do online banking, which I also do as much as possible.  I even make the few deposits I have online and it works wonderfully well.  I just read an article last night about a dozen or so big chains that may not be able to survive 2018.  Things are changing fast. 

June, maybe some of your medicines are contributing to wanting to sleep so much.  Sorry to read that your foot is not doing any better.  I hope your son can help you finding some inserts for your shoes. 

Don, sure hope the rehab can restore your strength so you can get on with your life. 

Jane, nice of you to share your berries that you picked with your friend.  Sorry to read you had injured your knee.  Hope you can get in to see your doctor today.  Take it easy and let you knee heal. 

Jenny, glad you found your Dad doing well and being careful.  I know that 900 miles is a long and tiring trip.  Did you drive straight through?  I hope you didn't get caught in that terrible dust storm that hit Phoenix. It sounds like your Dad was well liked by the rehab facility. 

Amy, in the summer months we sure want the AC working in our vehicles.   
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: larryhanna on July 11, 2018, 09:34:54 am
 This is a bit long but I thought it was worth reading and so decided to share it with you all:

I spent the week before my daughter's June wedding running last-minute trips to the caterer, florist, tuxedo shop, and the church about forty miles away.   As happy as I was that Patsy was marrying a good Christian young man, I felt laden with responsibilities as I watched my budget dwindle . . So many details, so many bills, and so little time. My son Jack was away at college, but he said he would be there to walk his younger sister down the aisle, taking the place of his dad who had died a few years before. He teased Patsy, saying he'd wanted to give her away since she was about three years old!
  To save money, I gathered blossoms from several friends who had large magnolia trees. Their luscious, creamy-white blooms and slick green leaves would make beautiful arrangements against the rich dark wood inside the church.
  After the rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding, we banked the podium area and choir loft with magnolias. As we left just before midnight, I felt tired but satisfied this would be the best wedding any bride had ever had! The music, the ceremony, the reception - and especially the flowers - would be remembered for years.
  The big day arrived - the busiest day of my life - and while her bridesmaids helped Patsy to dress, her fianc? Tim walked with me to the sanctuary to do a final check. When we opened the door and felt a rush of hot air, I almost fainted; and then I saw them - all the beautiful white flowers were black.  Funeral black!  An electrical storm during the night had knocked out the air conditioning system, and on  that hot summer day the flowers had wilted and died. I panicked, knowing I didn't have time to drive back to our home town, gather more flowers, and return in time for the wedding.
  Tim turned to me. "Edna, can you get more flowers? I'll throw away these dead ones and put fresh flowers in these arrangements."

        I mumbled, "Sure," as he be-bopped down the hall to put on his cuff links.
          Alone in the large sanctuary, I looked up at the dark wooden beams in the arched ceiling. "Lord," I prayed, "please help me. I don't know anyone in this town. Help me find someone willing to give me flowers - in a hurry!" I scurried out praying for four things: the blessing of white magnolia;courage to find them in an unfamiliar yard, safety from any dog that may bite my leg, and a nice person who would not get out a shotgun when I asked to cut his tree to shreds.
          As I left the church, I saw magnolia trees in the distance.    I approached a house... No dog in sight. I knocked on the door and an older man answered. So far so good . . . No shotgun. When I stated my plea the man beamed, "I'd be happy to!"
          He climbed a stepladder and cut large boughs and handed them down to me. Minutes later, as I lifted the last armload into my car trunk, I said, "Sir, you've made the mother of a bride happy today."
          "No, Maam," he said. "You don't understand what's happening here."
          "What?" I asked.
          "You see, my wife of sixty-seven years died on Monday. On Tuesday I received friends at the funeral home, and on Wednesday....? He paused. I saw tears welling up in his eyes. "On Wednesday I buried her."  He looked away. "On Thursday most of my out-of-town relatives went back home, and on Friday - yesterday - my children left."
          I nodded.
          "This morning," he continued, "I was sitting in my den crying out loud. I miss her so much. For the last sixteen years, as her health got worse, she  needed me. But now nobody needs me. This morning I cried, 'Who needs an eighty-six-year-old wore-out man? Nobody!' I began to cry louder. 'Nobody needs me!' About that time, you knocked, and said, "Sir, I need you."
          I stood with my mouth open.
          He asked, "Are you an angel? The way the light shone around your head into my dark living room..."
          I assured him I was no angel.
          He smiled. "Do you know what I was thinking when I handed you those magnolias?"

                "I decided I'm needed. My flowers are needed. Why,  I might have a flower ministry! I could give them to everyone! Some caskets at the funeral home have no flowers. People need flowers at times like that and I have lots of them. They're all over the backyard! I can give them to hospitals, churches - all sorts of places. You know what I'm going to do? I'm going to serve the Lord until the day He calls me home!"
                  I drove back to the church, filled with wonder.  On Patsy's wedding day, if anyone had asked me to encourage someone who was hurting, I would have said, "Forget it! It's my only daughter's wedding, for goodness' sake! There is no way I can minister to anyone today."
                  But God found a way. Through dead flowers.
                  "Life is not the way it's supposed to be. It's the way it is. The way you cope with it is what makes the difference."
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Gloria on July 11, 2018, 10:31:41 am
Good morning everyone, had rain during the night and a cooler 66° this morning. Nothing planned for today, CNA will be here at noon. The witch is on vacation and all is peaceful here. We could have high surf along the shoreline because of the hurricane at the end of the week and weekend. I am loving my new Keurig, so easy and fast and a good HOT cup of coffee. Whether with the coffee I put in the separate filter or a K cup it is good.

AMY  did not realize I missed a day posting. Getting senile in my old age? Hope not. Think I need a vacation or a change of scene for awhile? Then again it is too hard going anywhere these days. The only time I will eat potato skin is when baked and the skin is crispy and lots of butter.

JANE  how about wearing those sun glasses over your glasses? I know too much weight on the nose and ears. I tried that. I also tried those clip on sunglasses but scratched the lens edges. Seemed like every job I had I drove east in the morning and west going home.

SHIRLEY  about the only time I am out in the sun now is walking around outside and I just look down when walking toward the sun, if in a car I can just shut my eyes, that is if I trust the one driving.

DON  it is hard moving from a place you made home and moving to senior housing. Don't know how it is where you live but here it can take years to get into a good one. One lady who lived here had her name in a place for 4 years before they had an opening. The tenants in the one where I am are all very nice and when a person is not seen for a couple of days someone will knock on their door to check on them.

JANE ouch hope your knee and walking is not as painful today. Believe me I know how t feel to have pain walking bur it is not my knee. Do have an ace bandage to wrap you knee in?

JENNY  looks like the crazies all over drive like the roads are dry whether it is snow, ice or rain. Now to get the help needed at home for your Dad. Give him a hug and a welcome home from us.

AMY  surprising when  perfect radish bites you back.  Take a few to just enjoy and all of a sudden it is like a hot pepper, full of bite.

LARRY  my daughter has to keep a cooler in their vehicle when they go food shopping. Takes them an hour to get home. Right now she has stopped buying ice cream because by the time they get home it is beginning to melt even with those ice packed in the cooler. They have tried many different coolers and find the one they are using is the best one. Driving in close to 100° for an hour even with AC in the car  it gets hot after an hour. Love the story you posted.

It has taken me 3 hours to post this, think I am really slowing down. Have a good and cool day.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Joy on July 11, 2018, 10:57:29 am
Good morning.   Just stopping by to say Hello !

Nothing exciting happening in my little corner of the world.

I am glad to read that Jenny found her dad doing well.  I am sure he will improve even more since he is back home. 

Don, do hope you will find a place that you like.  Big decisions,  I know.

Jane, do hope you didn't do anything too serious to your knee.   

Larry,  I am planning on doing some laundry later today, also.   It is not a favorite job of mine, and I have been putting it off for a while now.  I did do 2 loads last week, and still have  a few more loads waiting for me.  Good thing that I have a lot of clothes.  LOL  We did just get new washers and dryers for all the laundry rooms in our building, and the price went up, also.  I just hate to have to pay to do laundry.  That is one of the things I miss from when I had my condo.  You would think I would have been used to it by now, after  11 years.  LOL    But, it is what it is.  Just have to get to it sooner or later.

It is a pretty sunny morning, but chilly when I first get up.  I think they are calling for more of the 90º  to return by the week end.  At least, the humidity is a lot lower. 

Gloria, I think we are expecting some part of the hurricane that is heading up the east coast in the next couple days.  Hopefully, it will be gone by the weekend.   I think they said it will affect the beach areas more than coming inland.   I am glad you like your Keurig coffee maker.  I like mine, and especially good for making a quick cup of tea, also.   I do like the flavored coffee, also.  Especially the hazelnut flavor. 

Hope all the friends here will have a good Wednesday.

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: JaneS on July 11, 2018, 12:26:48 pm
My knee is a bit swollen and they took xrays and she wants me to see an orthopedist tomorrow.  They made the appt. and in the meantime, I ice it 3 times a day and try to stay off it. 

Staying off it isn't a problem because it doesn't hurt when I'm sitting...only when I try to get up and then when I walk. 

JOY, I was wondering about too, GLORIA. 
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: CallieOK on July 11, 2018, 01:35:02 pm
Good Afternoon,

JaneS,   OUCH!  Sorry about your knee.  Glad you went to the dr. and are seeing an orthopedist tomorrow.   Good luck. 

Jenny,  glad you made it to Phoenix and found your Dad in such good spirits.  My niece had posted pix of the "haboobs' (3 of them!) that "attacked" their house.  The sky looked wicked!

Don,  wishing you well on your search for the right place to live.  More and more of my friends are moving to various levels of Senior Living.  Have only heard one complain - but she tends to complain about everything anyway.

Larry,  there's a wonderful facility here called "The Meadows" that was founded by a local woman with a "challenged" adult child.  It provides employment for those who aren't able to work in a public  business.
One of their services is document shredding. Individuals can take theirs to the shredding place but they also pick up items from businesses.   
I've taken things there and was impressed.

There's enough of a breeze this morning to make it pleasant to be out and about - although I wouldn't want to spend time in the direct sun.
So....I have filled the car gas tank,  picked up a med refill, gotten the car washed - and am home in time for lunch.   :thumbup:

Wishing Everyfriend Everywhere a Wonderful Wednesday.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: June Drabek on July 11, 2018, 11:11:22 pm
Just in to say Goodnight. No problems here except the foot. Didn't bother Gary with the foot.....he is one busy man. I can email the complaint to him. J]

Janie, I sure hope your foot problem will be easy to solve. You do not need to be laid up with it...those doggies alone need you to be active.

So Off I go to bed and book...oh darn...I need to brush my teeth, take off the patch and wash that area, then I can hit the bed. Good night all. God Bless you and heal your needs. Hugs, Love and Prayers. June.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Denver on July 12, 2018, 02:25:28 am
We had another doozy of a storm here again tonight.  We had power but Cox Cable was out, so no internet!  The news just started so Cable is now on.  They said Sun City received nearly two inches of rain.  The lightening and thunder was terrific. 

I must get to bed as I did not sleep that well last night as I  worried I might not hear dad if he needed me.  Now he is in bed and I need to be too. 

Dad had a great day.  His home care nurse is to come tomorrow and I am anxious to hear how they think his incision and bed sore are doing.  The only thing he is not doing well is trying to stay off of his tailbone where the bed sore is.  I sure hope it is not much worse. 

I must post this..... I fell asleep and I sur3 do not want to loose this.

Pleasant dreams to all.

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Lloyd Hammond on July 12, 2018, 07:06:39 am
well we had 100º + higher heat index yesterday no rain in sight for several day's.
Larry that was a good tear jerker. I talked with peter a while ago on skype ,
maybe we can some time do a three way on it. that would be neat. he alf and I have done that in the past. our credit union wanted to start charging us $5. a month for a paper statement but still free to go on line and see and or print our own copie. so grand Daughter came over and set it up where we can just click on it and it comes up. stay in and stay cool everyone.
JaneS take  a cup of water and a cup of vinegar in a one gallon zip lock  bag, put it in freezer, wont feze but gets ice cold and lays close and easy on it. that is what our nurse friend told us to do on my swollen leg. works well, Have a great day.

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Amy on July 12, 2018, 07:08:16 am
Good morning everyone...

Another lovely day here but we sure could use rain. Grass is crispy and brown. Not sure what is happening today may head to the city to get hubby out and about.

Larry, thank you ,enjoyed reading that
Jane hope your knee feels better this morning .

Gloria, that is the way I also like my potato skin but with garlic powder on it too!

Joy, I like it when nothing exciting happens but it usually doesn't last long.

Jenny, what about getting Dad a ring cushion, would that help his tail bone?

Callie, my vehicles needs washed  but with all the road construction and they wet the roads it seems a lost cause.

Enjoy your day everyone..
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Shirley on July 12, 2018, 07:56:46 am
I enjoyed your story, Larry, a "feel good" moment, for sure.

I've been trying to login on the old computer... it had a big Windows update & often gets cranky after.  Would not let me in so
I e-mailed Bubble for help.  Happened to think maybe this new laptop may not have had the same issue.... so I don't know if
Bubble bailed me out or just that old relic giving up. 

Jenny, hope your father keeps doing better every day & if he hasn't tried "the ring".... I know Cas kept one handy after every hospital stay, those bedsores are miserable.  It was my elbows that got sore on my 8 day stay....  :o

Lawn mow day so better get moving, curious if the other computer will let me into Friends now.... so will delay breakfast a few more minutes to give it a try.  Wishing all a "Terrific Thursday".... gotcha, Callie!
   (I think that is Terrific Tuesday?)

Not sure if Bubble fixed the problem (thank you, B)... or if restart did it, or even those little cyber curers... old computer working!
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Gloria on July 12, 2018, 09:44:06 am
Good morning everyone, nice morning at 62°. Too bad it takes hours after sunset to cool off. Would be great to sleep with the window open again.

JOY  price of the washers & dryers here just went up to $2.25 a load. I make sure I have a full load every time my CNA coes the laundry. I know a few here who wash almost every day and only small batches. T oday some of the beaches here will be closed because of riptides from that hurricane. Amazing how far away those storms affect those huge waves that  are rolling in this morning that just showed on the news.

JANE  have you got a can to try and keep weight off your leg when you have to walk? Hope you do not have to wait long for the orthopedist. Good luck.

JENNY  it is pretty hard staying off your tailbone. Any time we sit unless we have one of those donuts and even laying on your back. No fun.

AMY  I am not a fan of garlick  and use very little in certain food, lie a roast pork and my spaghetti sauce. Nothing much exciting ever happens here.

Just got a call from my son. he is on his way bringing some things from his garden.
Have a good day.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: larryhanna on July 12, 2018, 11:57:14 am
 Hi Everyone.  I am late getting here this morning as have been busy with other matters.  I made a quick trip to Walmart while it was still cool.  I needed a couple more men's summer shirts so looked in the men's department and found two on the clearance rack that were marked for $7 and $7.88.  When I checked out one rang up for $3 and one for $5, what a nice buy.  I was able to ride the electric cart so didn't wear myself out doing the shopping.

At 12:45 this afternoon Pat is meeting three other ladies from our Sunday School class who also have birthday's in July.  They are going to have lunch at Ruby Tuesdays.  I will take her and then think I will go to a BBQ restaurant up the road for my lunch and then stop at the library, which is close by and wait for her call.  I haven't been tot he library for a long time.  That is going to do it for today.

Gloria, I thought you would enjoy the Keurig as I know that we do.  If you like tea it is also a quick way to make it with the little pods.  For awhile we used an insert with little paper filters and canned coffee but have given that up for the ease of the pods as I see you have done.  We have former neighbors living in Ohio in a retirement community.  They have a little flip out strip that they can flip out each morning to let the staff know they are OK that day.  Otherwise one of the staff checks on them.  I thought that was a really good idea.  Of course now many use the alert buttons if they need help.  I can see why your daughter would use a cooler in her truck when shopping. 

Joy, I don't mind helping with the clothes laundering and just folded a load of towels and other items this morning.  What annoys me is getting them out of the dryer and always having some things drop on the floor and having to bend over to pick them up.  We do have a grabber in the laundry room but I usually have my hand full.  Not life's biggest problem. Like you I would not enjoy not having our own laundry as we went through this with Stacey and sometimes just brought her laundry out to our house to do, which wasn't convenient either. 

Jane, glad you didn't have to wait weeks to see the specialist. 

Callie, what is a "haboobs"?  I am guessing it is the dust storms they had in the Phoenix area.  There was a similar place where "challenged" adults could live and work in the county we moved from.  They are apparently great piece workers because they do the same task exactly the same way all the time.  It must also give them a great deal of satisfaction to work and also earn some money. 

June, hope you had a good nights sleep. 

Jenny, that rain must have caused a lot of flooding since that area is to flat.  I hope you got a better nights sleep last night than the night before.  You might check into getting a special cushion that has air cells that change the pressure as a person moves just a bit.  We had one of those in the wheelchair my day had and I still have it.  It is not powered and it just has a hand pump. 

Lloyd, that is a pretty steep monthly charge.  So far the credit unions here have not instituted such a charge.  One of the two we use had a fee if you didn't write enough online bill pays but have dropped it. Perhaps one of these days we can do the three way conversation.  Peter has sent me a couple of great links showing travel videos.  In the past we have used a gallon plastic bag filling it half and half with water and rubbing alcohol.  It freezes but not solid and fits around a knee or arm or on a back well.  The ice is sort of slushy.  The water and vinegar sounds similar.  We always double bagged it in case the first bag's seal were to open up. 

Amy, we need rain also and there is a chance we may get some this afternoon.  If not I will turn on my sprinkler system for it to water tonight after dark. 

Shirley, the last Windows 10 update took quite awhile to complete.  Glad to see your old computer now OK.   Hospital sheets certainly aren't the softest thing around.   
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: JaneS on July 12, 2018, 03:14:31 pm
Hello Everyfriend!  I just got back from the orthopedist and he showed me the exray that my dr. took yesterday.  After some probing and some discussion and more looks at the xray, he asked me if it hurt badly enough to need a shot in it.  I told him that the ice has had some effect and that I thought I could do without a shot and that I opted out of painkiller pills also.  I seem to have a high tolerance for pain and I'd rather know if it's worse or better naturally than put a lot of stuff in my system that I don't need.  So we left it a "Call us if you change your mind." 

It actually feels better today than yesterday and I think, bearing in mind what he told me, it's healing. 

It really seemed odd to be seeing the son of the first orthopedic dr I saw 40 years ago! 

Good news from JENNY and I'm hoping they've found some relief for the bed sore. 

Gonna go take a nap now.  I have 15 half pints of balck raspberries canned and I put the black raspberries for syrup in the freezer and Ill try to tend to them over the weekend.  I need more small jars and I have a coupon for $1.50 off on a dozen so that's good.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: June Drabek on July 12, 2018, 08:48:02 pm
Janie, I'm glad you didn't have bad news from your young doctor.And hopefully your body will do the healing without medication.

I was hoping to hear something from Lloyds friend on his search for a care facility. I'm so happy with where I live, I wish everyone could have the same.

My foot is still painful, but if I don't do too much walking it doesn't hurt much.  There are lots of exercises I can do for myself that don't involve walking, and these exercises still use the muscles and keep the blood flowing.

Tomorrow is housekeeping day....deep cleaning it is called, every other week. It involves vacuuming...moving furniture when possible to clean under it, scrubbing bathroom and shower, etc. Every week we have our sheets and towels changed, and bathroom and shower scoured. I have several signs I  post,  saying, "no dusting". Like the shelves where I have my delicate pieces, shelves where I have my plants, and my computer desk. Those I take care of myself, when I feel like it.

I am so thankful those young boys and their leader were finally rescued from that cave. That must have been a horrible ordeal, and will take some of them years to overcome what they had to endure.

Time to think about some supper. I did take a walk around our gardens and then the hallways on our three floors. The hallways are carpeted heavily so easier on the feet than the cement sidewalks, and it is impossible to walk our grass areas with my four wheeled cart. Life is good and I am thankful for every new day God gives us. June
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: JaneS on July 12, 2018, 10:10:36 pm
Good Night, Everyfriend.  And may God bless us, every one!
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Denver on July 13, 2018, 12:39:34 am
Another great day. 

Dad had a shower this morning that went very well.  Bob stayed in the room to assist him. 

Early afternoon Bob took dad to get the staples out of his hip.  His wound looks great.

Visiting nurse came this afternoon to assess dad’s needs for medical care.  We will hear back from her soon as to the plan. 

A donut to sit on was purchased this morning, and I thank you all for your suggestions.

Heading to bed early tonight.  Pleasant dreams to all.

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Amy on July 13, 2018, 07:01:13 am
Good morning everyone.

Cloudy day here, sure hope that means rain! We are under a no fire ban and other areas are also.

We did go to the city and I picked up a telescoping ramp for the dogs to use, now to just get them used to it. Picked up a few special at Giant Tiger and came home. Had everything put away when the phone rang and it was my hair dresser wondering where I was as I should have been there!! Turns out she had put the appointment in her book but forgot to tell me!! Everything worked out well and by the time I got home I was done in.

Jenny, happy to read that your Dad is doing ok.....tell him to keep up the good work as you know a lot of ladies that will just nag at him if he doesn't :2funny:

Jane hope there is no pain in your leg today.

I need to meet a lady in town so will make this short and be back latter.

Enjoy your day everyone..
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: JaneS on July 13, 2018, 07:18:47 am
Good Morning Everyfriend!  I'm up but definitely not attem.  I've already had 2 episodes of dizziness and I think it's time I insist on seeing the dr. for that.  It's probably what caused me to stumble and hurt my leg and I'm very lucky I didn't fall. 

JENNY it all sounds like good news from your dad and I can almost hear the relief in your message.  I'm so happy for all of you. 

Enjoy your day everyone and make it your best yet.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: larryhanna on July 13, 2018, 08:57:17 am
 Hi Everyone.  We had a delightful half hour rain late yesterday afternoon and more rain and possible storms are in the forecast for today.  It will be in the high 80's today, which will be a relief from the high 90's we had yesterday. Yesterday Pat had a great time having the special luncheon with six other ladies in our Sunday School Class with July birthday.  It sounds like they kept each others ear busy and they visited for almost 3 hours.   I enjoyed quiet time with my lunch at the BBQ restaurant and then sitting in the library reading a couple of newspapers.  This morning the housekeeper will be here.  I have an 11:40 appointment with my new cardiologist. I am anxious to meet him.  I will stop on the way back at Costco to pick up a couple of items.  That will be it for today. 

Jane, glad you didn't need further treatment from the orthopedist.  Undoubtedly your knee will get better on a daily basis.  For years we went to the same dentist and he died suddenly of a heart attack.  His on had joined the practice a couple of years earlier and we liked him or he became our dentist until he decided to give up the practice and stay home with a new child as his wife had a good job and apparently made more than he did.  I have no idea whether he has gone back into practice or not.  It sounds like you are going to be able to enjoy black raspberries all winter.  Those must be pretty small jars.  As I think about it we have some that size that work well to store small amounts of leftovers in. 

June, glad you are still doing the exercises that don't require walking.  I have been tracking how many steps I get in each day and it is usually about 3/4th of a mile.  I want to keep my legs strong but just can't do very much walking at one time.  Glad to read you were up to doing some walking yesterday. 

Jenny, that sounds like a very encouraging report on how your dad is doing.  I bet the shower felt good for him.  I hope he can find some comfort with the donut to sit on.  I hope you are getting good sleep now and feeling rested to start each day. 

Amy, where will you be using the telescoping ramp for your dogs?   A good thing your hairdresser called you to finally let you know of your appointment.  Sometimes ESP just doesn't communicate things very well. 
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Gloria on July 13, 2018, 09:18:07 am
Good morning everyone a nice 64° this morning. Yesterday's temperature was as perfect as one could want. Busy day yesterday, #1 son alled and said he would be over and he came with 2 summer squash and 2 zucchini, nice small ones, from his garden. He stayed 2 hours (surprising) and he was in a talkative mood. Enjoyed. Then my CNA came and she cooked the fresh produce for me with peppers and tomatoes but I added the seasoning. She had a little of it with me and enjoyed it. Half hour after she left I had a visit from the case manager from my insurance. Once a year they check up on everyone. Always ask if they can do anything.

LARRY  My son bought me some Kcups when he bought the Keurig and also the flter for loose  coffee. I have 2 cans of coffee that I want to use up. So fast getting a cup of coffee in the morning now. The staff here s the witch, her slave and the maintenance man-he is the only one that is good. This is only a senior living place, as long as we can take care of ourselves and follow the rules they do not care about us as long as the rent is paid on time. Get yourself one of those long handled grabbers and you will not have to bend over to pick thing up from the floor. I have one but seldom have to use it.

JANE  glad the doctor left it up to you for the shot or the pills. I have been to one whe gave me a shot before I had any say in it. I always had a high tolerance for pain but these days there is no letting up for it, pills no longer do anything and I will not take them more than prescribed. I have aa dozen jelly jars I no longer use. I thought of sending them to my daughter but they might all break the way they toss boxes around even when fragile is stamped all over the box.

JUNE  sorry your foot  is hurting for so long.

JENNY  glad your Dad is doing so good.

AMY  hope today is easier for you.

Have a good day.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: June Drabek on July 13, 2018, 02:56:52 pm
Jenny, you are Blessed to have a good man like your Bob. Not many men would be that caring for their father in law.It is shameful in this modern day for anyone to have a bed sore. That is pure neglect by the nursing staff.Whenever someone is bed ridden……even for a short time, they should be physically and regularly turned to their side to avoid bed sores. if necessary they can be balanced with pillows. In this day of modern medicine, it surprised me to hear about your father.

I went to the Red Hatters singing this morning. we are going to sing to those in the Memory Care building on Monday, they are a darling group of folks, then onTues. we will sing at the Health care building, and on Friday we will sing for our folks in the Fireside Lounge..what I call our Club house.

Janie, do find out about the dizziness. I started out that way, then started fainting. It was dlagosed as small strokes, now that was canceled out and it is my heart at fault. It fails to pump enough blood to the brain, consequently….I faint. I think you are wise to pursue your symptoms.

Larry, my housekeeper was here this morning and shined everything up. We always have a good chat session too, and she starts the day with a warm hug. Gof has sure blessed me, and my son too, for having my move here. How I pray Lloyds English friend will find something equal.

Gloria, I am so happy you had that nice long visit with your son. I always feel so cheered when my Gary comes for Bible Class. He and Dori both are so busy with their church work, I try not to interfere in their life style. Dan and Nancy live up in No. Ca. so they only drive down once a year, in the late fall. Dan has had surgery on his foot, and they are talking about possible hip surgery now, but he wants to avoid it if possible, so they may have to skip this years visit. We are always o the internet with one another tho, and that is almost as good as a visit, except for the hugs.

Almost time to go down for lunch so I will close with hugs and love. June
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: JaneS on July 13, 2018, 03:58:16 pm
I got an appt to see a dr. in the clinic where I go.  My regular one was off today but they gave me someone I really liked.  He's been at this clinic for more than 20 years and he seems to know a lot of things to check about dizziness.  I did not have an ear infection but he did a bunch of tests then said he wanted to try a maneuver that sometimes works to fix a certain problem.  He did it and it fixed my problem almost immediately.  I had one more very short, very mild session and nothing more since.

I also had a nice surprise!  I was just finishing my lunch when the phone rang and it was a assessor/workman from the Electric Company.  I had applied for help sometime back and they said they would be in touch.  Today was the day.  He checked a lot of things and I got a water saver on one of my bathroom faucets, the coils cleaned on my A/C, new light bulbs all over the house, the coils on my fridge cleaned, a gas detector installed, the pipes wrapped on my water heater, a lot of reading material and good advice and I'm getting a new freezer!  NO CHARGE!  Oh yes, he gave me the brush he used to clean the fridge coils.  And I found out I can budget my electric bill so I know what it will be each month.  All in all, a very good day!

I hope your are all having good days, too!
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: CallieOK on July 13, 2018, 05:54:32 pm
Janie,  I am  :nanadance:   :cheer:  and :excited:  at the news of your Very Good Day!

When the doctor did the maneuver, did he mention something called BENIGN PAROXYSMAL POSITIONAL VERTIGO ? 

Also excited about all the help you're getting with the electric items.

This has, indeed, been a Fabulous Friday for you.   
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Lloyd Hammond on July 13, 2018, 06:45:11 pm
Hello well it has not ben a good day. first half was alright . we went to sam's club and got some food to eat. too hot to go to shop is now 97º out side.
so I have been watching western's on TV . am going the kitchen and get some of that food now. my computer locked up and wanted a pass word, would not accept what I had. two hours struggling finely got a message through to them to call on the phone with a coda to make it work, hope that is a permanent fix.
stay in and stay cool.

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Shirley on July 13, 2018, 07:55:30 pm
Well, Larry, you mentioned a hefty update for Windows 10.... UNDERSTATEMENT!  It's bee working on the NEW computer for about
3 hours & not done yet!  Just keeps telling me "don't turn off your computer".......and haven't been sitting right by it but know it has
restarted several times so far.    :knuppel2: :tickedoff:  Can't imagine how this old one will handle that... it started out as Win 98 & upgraded a couple times & finally Windows just said it was going to up grade to Win 10 (like it or not). I get bullied all the time.  :tissue:

Janie, I agree with Callie, you have had one Fab Friday!  I started to tell you what I've done that worked when my knee does what yours did.... it also swells & gets hot ... but I grab the old blue lid (dry skin) Ponds jar & rub that in real good & honestly, it is much better almost immediately.  Don't know why it seems to penetrate better than anything else, but the only one that works on joints. I have also used it on my shoulder when it feels like that joint is screeching for help.  Glad you are better.

Don, I hope you find the perfect place.  Maybe they will need a Santa for when the grands come visit, I know you'll be a hit where ever you call "home".

I need to walk the cats down to the river, Tom has been in & out several times but too hot to stay out.  I just discovered Tiger laying
in my flower bed, a spot that is totally shaded with the Shasta daisies... (Tom's favorite place...) not sure what they are mashing down.  I have a tiny dogwood tree in that flower bed that I'm guarding, not sure if it is really 2 but they are joined & both the same size, about 8" tall now.  They came with a donation to the Arbor Society along with other tiny trees.  I was surprised how nice some are doing... the Crape Myrtle & Rose of Sharon out grew the trees.  I gave some to both sons, but saved a hawthorn for my front yard.  My kids laugh at me for planting volunteers, redbud, sweet gum & sycamore, but have better shade from them than any of the trees we bought & had planted!  Too hot to get out, no end to this weather & not even August, usually our hottest month!  YUCK!
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Lloyd Hammond on July 13, 2018, 10:51:40 pm
well friends I have had enough cat naps for today I am going to go to bed and try to get some real good sound sleep. hope to see you all tomorrow .

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: June Drabek on July 13, 2018, 11:19:18 pm
have a good night beloved friends. Hugs, Love and Prayers. June
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Denver on July 14, 2018, 01:35:15 am
Another GREAT day!  We are so blessed. Nothing bad at all in spite of it being Friday the 13th! 

Bob took Dad to his PCP appointment and all came out great there.  His PT nurse came this afternoon and he is a delightful man.  Very through and dad liked him very much.  He asked dad where he is from, and when he heard Colorado he got very excited and said he was born there.  He was born at the very same hospital I was born at AND it is the hospital that Dr. Dave works at. 

PT, Eric, was so impressed at how well dad is doing over all and shocked at how great he is in general for a 94 year old man.  We can not ask for anything to be any better.  I think, well,  really I KNOW that all of your thoughts and prayers are why he is doing so well. 

I wish you all a good night of rest.

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Amy on July 14, 2018, 06:53:46 am
Good morning everyone.

What great messages to wake up to!

Jenny ,happy to read your Dad is breezing through PT!

Janie Fri the 13th is YOUR lucky day!! What a blessing you received, just think of all the goodies you can make and put away in your new freezer!!Glad the treatment worked from your Dr.

Shirley, this is the first year that the heat has really bothered me.I am not looking forward to August either.

Callie, gosh that is a mouthful!! I wouldn't want to have to repeat that 10 times over.

June, sounds like you have a wonderful singing time ahead of you. That is so nice of your group to go around and do that for others.

Gloria , your meals sounded delicious. I put zucchini, crooked neck, onion, garlic ,peppers and tomatoes and stir fry it up. Can make a meal of just that with a piece of bread to mop the plate!

Larry, we will use it to help her get into the vehicle and can use it to get up the two stairs in the house. She has used it but prefers to go up the stairs so we will work on the more. Hope your cardiologist visit went well.

Lloyd, I hope today is a lot cooler for you.

We had rain overnight and I hope we get more today as we also have fires burning. There is a total fire ban out now here. Laundry day today, doubt if it will be hung out though.I think today will make baked beans and I can put ribs in the oven also.

Enjoy your day everyone.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: Gloria on July 14, 2018, 08:23:55 am
Good morning everyone, 64°, wonderful. By the end of next week we will be up to 90 again.

JUNE  I am lucky one son comes here most Saturdays or Sundays. The one living close calls often but does no get here that often and does not stay as long as he did Friday. I talk with my daughter every day on Skype.

JANE  yesterday worked out very good for you, wonderful.

JENNY  so glad your Dad is doig so good and everyone likes the PT.

AMY  the way you did your squash is what I do. That is when I usually have a nice crusty Italian bread to sop the juice up. It will take me a couple more days to finish it. One of those things that are as good or better warmed over.

Have a good day.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: JaneS on July 14, 2018, 08:39:00 am
Good Morning Everyfriend!  I agree!  Friday the 13th turned out to be a lucky day for me!  And there was even more good news in the early evening.  The Amish Carpentry Shop called my granddaughter to set up delivery of the child size rocking chair that I ordered for my new GGranddaughter.  They are delivering it today!  They are taking lots of pictures.  Maybe I'll be able to post one....well, maybe I'll have one I can send to Bubble to post for me!  Wish I was a bit smarter!

Callie, this Doctor is a plain speaker.  He told me about little things that get off their thrones and need to be jarred back into place.  He did a maneuver that took approximately 10 seconds and that was it.  Amazing.  I've since learned that this is a simple description of Vertigo.  So probably all those fancy words apply!

I think I'll keep my appointment that they made with the specialist just to rule out any other possibilities.  They haven't called yet to set an appointment.  I'm thinking maybe Monday. 

The black raspberry fields are still open and my friend wants to go for blueberries so maybe, if they last that long, we'll go after her daughter and family leave...sometime after the 20th.  I still need 1 pound for my syrup. 

And I'm going out today and look for the Amish Farm that had a sign our for cherries.  Guess I better get on my horse....or maybe I should put an egg in my boot and beat it! 

Enjoy your day Everyfriend!
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: larryhanna on July 14, 2018, 09:02:13 am
 Hi Everyone. Our day starts overcast and will only be in the upper 80's today with only a small chance of rain.  We did get a few brief showers yesterday afternoon.   

I had a very busy and tiring day yesterday.  I did see my new cardiologist and liked him and he spent a lot of time with me.  He asked me to add CO-Q10 daily and lasix every other day and to begin to increase the Entresto by another half pill daily for three weeks and then add it twice a week.  He also told me to drink a small amount of red wine before bedtime each evening.  On the way home I stopped at Costco for a few things and bought a bottle of red wine.  I will have to find the cork screw before I can start that activity.  When I have to replace this bottle I will look for one with a cap rather than a cork.  To finish off the day yesterday we did go out to eat in the evening as the housekeeper and Pat had sealed the rest of our kitchen cabinets and the kitchen wasn't in a shape to try to get a meal.  I have now put everything back in its place on the cabinets after letting them dry overnight.   

I plan on staying home today as am tired and will get some extra rest.  I want to be up to going to Sunday School and Church tomorrow. 

Gloria, so nice to read that someone had a perfect day weather wise.  It was nice of your son to visit with you so long as it is a special time when our kids spend time with us.  You kept your front door busy with the coming and goings on Thursdays. We actually have six of the long handled grabbers.  We had three and Stacey had three which we now have.  I talked to Pat last evening about getting a small laundry basket to put the non-hangup clothes in when we take them out of the dryer.  That would keep them from falling out when other things are removed from the dryer.  Just have to find a convenient place to store it as our laundry room really doesn't have room unless we could put it on a peg on the wall to store it. 

June, your Red Hatters are really becoming the entertainers.  Hope you feel up to participating in the events planned.  You are blessed to live in such a nice facility.  Have you and Dan every used Facetime on your Macs to talk (assuming Dan also uses a Mac)?  It is like sitting across the table from someone.  I am sure your Mac laptop has a built in camera. You can also do video chats using Skype and other applications. 

Jane, nice to read you were able to get help with the dizziness.  What a nice surprise and gift from the Electric Company.  I have used the budget plan for years although had to wait until we had a years experience here in our new home before they would allow me to set up the budget payments.  Getting anew freezer at no charge is indeed impressive. 

Lloyd, do you keep a little book to write down your passwords for future reference.  You have to be careful to use capitals or small letters when those are a part of the password as those must be exactly as you set them up. 

Shirley, my Windows 10 sure didn't anything like 3 hours, perhaps 30 minutes.  It will usually restart several times during the update process and this was a large update. 

Jenny, it sounds like your mind has been put at ease being there with your father for a few days.  He must be doing very well.  Will you be staying much longer with him?  .

Amy, I hadn't given a thought to the fact that yesterday was a Friday the 13th until I saw your posting this morning.  Thanks for the info on how you will use the ramp for your dog.   

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: JaneS on July 14, 2018, 09:43:18 am
LARRY, I've been going to mention this to you for a long time now and I keep forgetting.  I invested in 2 mesh folding baskets from WalMart.  When they are not in use, the fold flat.  In fact, you could probably slide them in between your washer and dryer or one of the appliances and the wall.  They are very light weight and have handles on the top.  They are also very cheap.  I keep them inside the laundry hamper in my bedroom and take them out and unfold them when I need them.  They sort of fold like the sun protectors we all keep in our cars.  You'll find them where laundry hampers and baskets are in WalMart or you can look them up on  The ones I have are bright blue and red but I think they also come in black and white.  They should be evident right now because they are touted for "back to college". 
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Post by: Lloyd Hammond on July 14, 2018, 10:20:48 am
I need help. I took pictures of a breakdown chair I built for the little ones that visit here. got them on this laptop with luck.but can't rember hot to post them in S & F? thought had Larry Hanas phone # but cant fiend it so far.

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Post by: CallieOK on July 14, 2018, 11:36:53 am
JaneS,  sounds like  BPPV, which is a form of vertigo in which small crystals in the ear get loose. 
I woke up one morning several years ago to see the room spinning.   My son called a PA friend and she said to get the OTC pills for car sickness. 

They did help but I went to an ENT to find out what was going on.   He diagnosed the BPPV. ( I told him my friends wouldn't be surprised to learn I had rocks in my head!  :crazy2:)

He also did the maneuver to get them back in place. I haven't had another episode but sometimes that ear feels like I'm going to.   

Aw, Larry - what a shame that you "have" to have a glass of wine before bedtime.   ;)

Jenny,  so glad your Dad's PT nurse is someone you both like.  The Colorado hospital connection is very interesting.

Nothing on my agenda today.   

Wishing Everyfriend Everywhere an Enjoyable Day.
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Post by: so_P_bubble on July 14, 2018, 12:53:24 pm
Posting for JaneS (

Jane will explain the photos...
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Post by: Mary Ann on July 14, 2018, 01:26:18 pm
Jenny, yours was the first mention I heard of Friday the 13th.  Of course, I was aware of it, but I saw nothing about it otherwise.  Then Amy mentioned it.  I am glad to read that your dad is coming along so well.  i'm the same age as he is and i watch how I walk and where I walk.  If I am with Tom and he thinks I need help, he takes my arm or hand to make sure I don't fall. 

Jane, I saw the picture of your new great-granddaughter and she is to love. 

Mary Ann
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Post by: June Drabek on July 14, 2018, 02:52:56 pm
lAnother quiet Saturday, unless you like to do some putting, shuffleboard or Rummicube.....not for me. I do plan to go down at 6;30 and watch "Cup of Water" performers. and soon it will be time for lunch, I'm thinking of eating less for lunch and start going down for a light supper too. I am entitled to three meals a day. We'll see.......

Our high for the day is 86, but warm enough for some A
/C It gets hot on the top floor...flat roof.

I woke up about 3 a.m. and couldn't go back to sleep, so got up at 4, read a little bit and fell asleep in my recliner. Woke up when my nurse brought the first meds of the day at 6a.m

There will be a nap waiting for me after lunch.

Janie,my arms want to reach out to hold that adorable little baby. She looks
so alert for her young age.

Have a great rest of the day dear hearts.
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Post by: JaneS on July 14, 2018, 03:18:24 pm
Thank you BUBBLE for posting my photos.  She is the love of our lives right now and will stay in our hearts forever! 

JUNE, I want to reach out and hug her, too.  She lives too far away.  But my granddaughter says they are planning a trip to PA to show her off after Christmas.  So something to look forward to!
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Post by: CallieOK on July 14, 2018, 03:38:35 pm
Is this the Oklahoma baby?  Such a cutie!
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for July 1, 2018
Post by: JaneS on July 14, 2018, 03:44:08 pm
This is the OK baby, CALLIE.  Thanks for the kind words.  And I guess you and I have something in common...I also have "rocks in my head".
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Post by: June Drabek on July 14, 2018, 08:00:15 pm
I also have "rocks" in my head, though it has never been officially diagnosed. My voice echos back in my left ear frequently, and drives me bats.  I find if I lay crosswise on my bed, on my back, head hung over the edge, turn head to left side for a period of minutes it clears it up. Not a permanent cure but enough to keep me sane. Ed used to have "sounds" in his ears, and this is what his doctor recommended.

I sure wish we would hear something from Lloyds English friend, can't remember if he is Bob or Don or ???. but he was looking into a  retirement place.

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Post by: so_P_bubble on July 14, 2018, 11:18:26 pm
A new page for Soda Shoppe begins
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