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November 30, 2023, 09:45:20 PM

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2023-11-28, 19:23:29
JeanneP: Stiil trying to let Julee know that my EM is   gmjeannep2@gmail.com  and that the  old Comcast on is no longer work, it was to old and they dont do EM anymore

2023-11-28, 19:20:53
JeanneP: Now I seem to be able to get into some without it going back to 2016. I have been trying to get ahold of Junnee but see her posting but can find where, Just want her to know that I will again use the EM adress she shows on Here and write, Mine in still 

2023-11-08, 19:12:15
JeanneP: Will give that a try. Sound like should work

2023-11-02, 11:36:21
Oldiesmann: It's not the best solution but it's the only thing that will prevent the forum from thinking you haven't read anything

2023-11-02, 11:35:55
Oldiesmann: Jeanne, the only thing I can suggest for you is to scroll down to the bottom of the main page of the forum and click "Mark All Messages As Read". That will make the forum think you've read all posts, so anything posted after that point will be new for you

2023-11-02, 00:58:50
junee: Callie

2023-11-02, 00:09:33
junee: Callie

2023-11-01, 21:59:19
JeanneP: I do seem to be in but still now starting out at 2016,

2023-11-01, 21:56:59
JeanneP: Now I am trying again and it is not asking me to sigh in. I seem to be able to get into current ones today. Hope I have made it.

2023-11-01, 21:54:27
JeanneP: I sent you the EM acct, that I have had for years, Only have on now.  gmjeannep2@gmail,com  Di d have one with coscast but they seem to have stopped theirs.  Something about i they were over 25 years old they are closed out.ipped


Norms Bait and Tackle

Started by dapphne, March 30, 2016, 09:23:16 AM

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...you just brought back memories, Chia and Soultwin...I well remember the fun humour i had with Soultwins postings, she was a fun lady...yes, those were the days..
" There is no present like the time "


Junee, I honestly don't believe I am going to make my century, but I still hope for it.  My various ailments have worsened, and I am unable to change any of it. But Life is full of surprises, and I go to sleep each night thinking maybe tomorrow will be a better day.  I am so over the moon about you being able to claim yours!

I am still stunned over Elizabeth II going so quickly.
It was like one minute she was here, and the next she was gone.  I am streaming THE CROWN on Netflix at present.
I am where the Family all vote for Charles to ask Diana to marry him.  Of course, The Crown is called "fiction" because they cannot claim to know exactly who said what, but I think there is a lot of truth in there.  I am also listening to Prince Harry's book, SPARE, on my i-Pad.
I love hearing his voice reading it.  I can remember seeing Elizabeth & Margaret Rose as children on the 15 minute newsreels we saw in the moving picture shows.
There were a lot of photos of them in LIFE magazine, too.


Good morning! Still having my daily raging headaches, the worst being from mid-afternoon on. Still no diagnosis or solution. This may sound crazy but one theory is my new partial plate. The headaches began shortly after I got it. I'm trying to avoid any invasive procedures.

Hoping to have a good day on the 26th as my grand-daughters and the three babies will be here to visit.

Interesting comments about weather change, windmills, etc. Solar panel companies have been trying to buy land (with some success) that used to be farmland in Vermont. The energy produced is then sent to other states, like Massachusetts. It's a complicated process but I can't begin to explain it all!

Junee - The SeniorNet days were fun and I truly enjoyed the big bashes. Meeting you, Mary de Boer and members from Scotland, South Africa, etc. was one of the highlights of my life. I'm glad I was "camera happy" in those days!  :) Mary de Boer is still on Facebook.

Marilyne - Thinking of you and hoping this rain stops soon. That's a lot of fence to repair!

Hello to Rammel, Jenny, MaryPage, Tomereader, MarsGal, Jackie, and Phyllis. I'm sure I've forgotten someone, but I have to get off this computer.


Good morning all.  :)  Clear and cold here, and supposed to be sunny all day today.  A good day to start cleaning up all the mess from the winds and rain.  Lots to do here, and everywhere.  Long waiting lists for fallen tree removal.  Roofing and fencing companies to repair fallen fences and roofs, are already backed up for months.  I see lots of "do-it-yourself" projects ahead.  :-\

Yesterday, President Biden and his entourage,  flew over our house on their way to the beach communities along the coast.  A fleet of low flying helicopters . . . must have been about 15  or 20 of them?  So much devastation over there . . . homes,  businesses, piers, commercial fishing, restaurants and tourist attractions totally destroyed.  I don't know if they showed news coverage in other parts of the country, but of course it was on all the channels here.

Time for some breakfast and more coffee, so I'll return a little later to comment on all of your posts from yesterday and today and earlier.


Beverly - I don't know if your partial plate is fixed or removable, but is there any way you can get a couple of days without it to see if that is at the root of your headaches?. Thinking allergy or pressure on a nerve.



Popping in to agree with Rick, Beverly..  been there & done that. Those nerves in the mouth & head are powerful!  Hope you can get it fixed-fast! 

Hi to all from a gray, drizzly day in Kansas. Staying above freezing in Wichita so all is well from my window on the world.


Rammel and Shirley - I've been using it only when I eat and have found some relief. But it fits so nicely! Best partial I've ever had.  :) Time will tell.



Beverly -  Hoping it turns out that the reason for your headaches will be an easy fix.   Is there any chance you might have TMJ or TMD?   When your jaw moves out of alignment, it puts pressure on facial nerves and cause pain in an ear, teeth, head or face.  Something I've been contending with for many years.

Jenny - Hope you and Bob are enjoying your vacation in Hawaii. :thumbup:  Are you going "island hopping", or staying on just one?

Shirley -  When I read your sentence, "so all is well from my window on the world.",  it reminded me of a facebook group; that I like, called  View From My World.   If you have FB, it's worth looking at the messages  in that group.    People post one picture taken from a window in their house.  Sometimes it's of their back or front yard, and sometimes a view of a mountain range, lake, city streets, landscapes, etc.  Posted from every country in the World!   It's a soothing, relaxing way to spend some time every day.

Tomereader - Will you be watching the SF 49ers and the Dallas Cowboys  today? 🤔    I'm usually not a football fan, but I do plan to take a look at that one today!   (Go 9ers!!) :cheer:





Lovely, Rammel. Quiet music for a quiet day.

Just a minute ago I checked the Marine Traffic site to see if there were any ships around. I missed the Whitefish Bay earlier. Anyway, the Robert Pierson is in winter layup at Sarnia and I noticed that when I ran my mouse over the ship stat indicator, it said: "Destination: Home to my honey." How cute is that!

Shan has had the sneezes these last two days. Hope it doesn't develop into anything. The air purifier is on, but the humidifier has been off for a few days. Time to start that up again as it will be pretty colder again for the next week or two.


Yes, Marilyne!  I'm in "Go, Cowboys" mode.  I've really been following the Cincinnati Bengals and KC Chiefs.  No connections there, except I like their style of play.  Just finished watching the Bengals beat the Bills. 

Good luck with your team, 49'rs!  They always beat us.  It's our turn...maybe!

Sorry about your bad weather and loss of your fence.


Well, they did it again!  Cowboys just cant seem to play on the 49ers level...for the last MANY years. They 49rs, did seem to have the Cowboys offense figured out!  Now if Dak hadn't thrown interceptions, it may have been a different game altogether.  Oh, well, I'll just go on rooting for the Cincinnati Bengals for now.


Cool, calm, and clear this morning. About 35° and the sun is out. But tomorrow is offering some morning snow, and I have an appointment  >:(
Nothing on the menu for today so will sit around and do nothing. I'm getting good at it. Some times I even talk to myself (but don't argue).



Tome - Forget those Bengals, and start rooting for the San Francisco 49er's!  :thumbup:

Rick - They say it's okay to talk to yourself, but when you start answering yourself . . . you're in big trouble!  ;D    Stay cool and calm, and enjoy your day.  :calm:  


Marilyne, it will probably be the 49ers v. KC Chiefs. But we will all have to wait and see.  Either way, it will probably be "good football".  I like it exciting where I actually jump up off the couch and yell!  I'm "almost" too old for that, but maybe have one leap and one shout left in me!


I'm not a big fan of pro football but have never switched to the Dallas Cowboys from the Denver Broncos.

Re: talking to oneself.  Family story about me is when I was about 4 years old and my Dad scolded me for something. I mumbled something and when he asked, "WHAT did you say?", I replied, "I was talking to myself but I hope you heard me".  Story does not include what happened next.  But I don't remember ever being spanked.  It was usually enough to get his stern look and a short lecture.

It's been "pouring snow" all day (combination of snow and rain).  Grass is covered but paved areas are just very wet.
 I suspect that will change overnight.  OKC reports using beet juice mixed with salt on slick bridges and roads.  Seems "research" has determined that is better than salt alone.  ???

Lots of birds at the feeders - including the four pairs of cardinals.  I can never get them close enough together to take a picture of all at the same time.

Stay warm and stay dry, Everyfriend.


In times past, when the Cowboys were not doing well (what else is new?) my hubby and I had picked our teams, based on...usually the quarterback or some other player who was outstanding.  We had times when Pittsburgh Steelers were "our team", based on Terry Bradshaw being hubby's favorite player.  For awhile, we were both enamored of Denver Broncos, re: quarterback John Elway  then I was totally into Green Bay and loved all the players...this went on for a long time. And more recent past, I was a Patriot fan because of Brady and all his wide receivers and tight ends who really could get the job done.  A fickle fan am I, but its the way they play the game that earns their way into my heart! Once upon a time, for one season, it was Da Bears!


Joanne/Tome - Interesting that you have switched pro football favorites so many times over the years, and in all parts of the country.  My fav's in any sport,  has to be local . . . or I have to have a personal connection.  We prefer college football to Pro, and continue to follow the colleges that are local, or that family members have attended.  LSU, Oregon State U, Clemson, UCLA, and others in California. I've always been a Stanford "wanna-be", so it's always at the top of my list.  I didn't attend, but I wanted to!  Had a bf there when I was going to San Jose State, and went to lots of games and social events.

"Da  Bears" . . . Loved that ongoing  skit on Saturday Night Live, back in the 70's or 80's!  ;D  SNL was so funny back then.

Callie - Hope your weather has cleared up and is now more Springlike?  Ours has improved dramatically in just the last couple of days.  Spring always starts here in February, and looks like it's going to do the same this year, in spite of our recent debilitating storms.  The Acacia's are in bloom, and buds and leaves are ready to open up on many of the local trees.  Supposed to be 65 here today!  
I'm curious as to how close you are to Guthrie, OK?  I was scrolling through Facebook yesterday, and came across an open profile from a woman who lives there, and will be turning 100 later this year.  I enjoyed looking  through it so much, and seeing pictures of her, her family, and her life.  I'll send you the link, and you can take a look at it?


Well, Marilyne, when local don't work, I go for teams that play the game darn well! LOL. There are lots of other teams that do, mostly, but for various reasons, they didn't, don't and won't make my list.  I have an aversion to Philadelphia, New York Giants...that's enough for now.  I have liked Seattle Seahawks and even the mean, nasty Raiders while Madden was coach. See what I mean about being fickle! LOL. Our home teams here in Dallas can show short, brilliant streaks but almost never make it to a championship final.  I love the Stars and they did it well, once upon a time.The Mavs play all out and I love 'em, but when it comes to playoff time, the teams with the bigger (in size) players always manage to whip them.  And, you never know what you're gonna get with the Texas Rangers! We don't have time for me to get into Women's Basketball, college, but I have been a UConn fan, but not if they are playing one of our Texas teams, Baylor, A&M, TTech.  During March Madness I keep the bracket list handy and try to see who is going to get to the Sweet Sixteen or better.  Oh, I am such a sports nut!  I like pro golf, tennis and anything in the Olympics! That ought to be enough for now. (I also like to read, watch movies, listen to music, go to museums, and see live, on stage plays, etc. Do I qualify as a Renaissance Woman?) 


Good afternoon from a sunny and slightly warmer central Oklahoma.

Marilyne, I prefer college football, too -  mainly my Oklahoma University Sooners. All My Kids' Oklahoma State Cowboys is a close second. I always want them to win - unless it's the Bedlam Game and then I hope they come in second.  ;D
 I'm a second generation Sooner but when it was time for #1 son to go to college, OSU was a better school choice for him.  Of course, his brother followed 5 years later and they both married OSU girls.  I didn't intend for them to become such rabid fans and we have some interesting "discussions" every Fall; I sometimes have to threaten to change the Will.  ;D  ;D

I live between OKC and Guthrie. Miss Emily's wedding Venue is east of there. It was the first capitol of Oklahoma (1907-1910) and is an interesting town.

Tome, I also like reading (my e-book history has more than 700 books listed), going to museums and live stage events - particularly musicals.  I was Education Chairman at the local museum for several years and then was part of the 2nd volunteer group when the state Oklahoma History Center was established in 1970.  I "aged out" at the History Center (my choice - not theirs) or I would still be there.  Loved doing tours with younger children and helped establish the Hands-On Carts and the summer story time "Okie Tales".

The day is quickly passing and I need to do some ironing.  TTYL


It's a soggy mess out there. ---- But it's NOT snow. Started as a mix of snow/rain but it has warmed up a bit and now just heavy rain. Nothing interesting to report.



Good morning to everyone who looks in!  :wave: Windy here, but the sun is shining, and the birds have returned to the birdbath.  I'm happy to see that the cottontail rabbits survived the storms, and are coming out to sit in the sun.

Callie - I did some research on Guthrie, and I think it would be a lovely town to visit, or to live in. Lots of history there.  Unfortunately, my traveling days are over, and I regret never having seen any of the Southern states.

Tome - A Renaissance Woman?  Yes, I think you qualify!  When it comes to sports, I enjoy Hockey the most.    Pro Football is too intense and violent for me . . . painful to watch.  My Dad loved baseball, and was a fanatic L.A. Dodger fan.    I used to always visit him during the World Series every year.  When the Dodger's won the series in 1988, he was so thrilled, and I was so glad I was there with him.  I'll never forget it.

Rick - Looks like you'll housebound today, but I predict that the sun will come out tomorrow!   Spring is just around the corner.  :thumbup:


Marilyne, I am not much of a sports fan at all, but share your feelings about football.  I think of that game as descended from the gladiator games of Ancient Rome.
Everyone is playing To The Death!

I was a swimmer & diver.  I enjoyed field hockey at boarding school.
These days, I am enthused about women's soccer.  Years ago, I attended a game with the originals: Mia Hamm and the rest. at the Navy stadium here in Annapolis.  It was so exciting!  I sat next to a darling little five uear-old girl, whose father had brought her.


Hard to believe that another weekend is here already.  Seems like the weekdays move along at  warp speed, but the weekend days move at a snails pace.   It used to be the other way around when I was younger?    Reminds me of a song that was popular during the War years.  "Monday to Friday goes fast, and another week is past . . . but Saturday Night is the Loneliest Night of the Week.

Anyway, some of our old time B&T regulars, were missing in action this week?   MarsGal hasn't posted in a while?  Nor has Beverly or Jenny?  Just remembered that Beverly was expecting a visit from her three great grand-babies.  When she returns, hope she posts lots of photos for us to admire.


Marilyne, I was busy posting on the Library discussion while you were here. Sorry I missed you.

Not much to report right now except that my niece in NYC is about to give birth to her first. The doctors expect to take the little boy by caesarian section because of her age and as of last report he has not yet turned. We haven't heard what they will be naming him yet, but he will have his dad's last name (Carrie kept her maiden name for some reason). Barb will give them a few weeks before going up to help. His parents, who live in Singapore, are expecting to come later in the year.

The sun is shining, and it is to be a balmy 50o this afternoon, then back to rain tonight and tomorrow.


MarsGal, I don't believe I have ever posted in the Library forum in all these years (I think I started SeniorNet in 1999), and yet books and gardening have been main pillars in the structure of my life.  I was an early reader, and an avid one.  Started gardening at age seven. Now it is not so easy.  I have over a thousand unread books in my personal library and am finding myself too handicapped by old age to get them read. It takes me forever to finish one.  Being that I am going blind (Pellucid Marginal Degeneration) is a factor, as is general frailty. I have books in every room, including the bathrooms.

The book I am currently reading at my kitchen table is thrilling me to bits.  Nonfiction.

My maternal grandmother's grandmother was a Mohawk woman who married a French Canadian.  My mother was born in Au Sable Forks, NY, not far from the Canadian border.  When I was a youngster, I decided to make my own totem pole. To this day, I have no idea whether the Mohawk even have totem poles, but I decided I needed one.  My spirit animal is the beaver.

So this book I am so crazy about is titled: EAGER, and is authored by Ben Goldfarb.  To me, it reads like a thriller. 30% of our fresh water comes from underground aquifers, and these are filled by the beaver.  Or were, when we had beavers.  Now we have emptied many of our aquifers, with no beavers to refill them.  Human beings are killing them as fast as they discover them on their properties. This has been going on for centuries now. Scheesch!
Scientists have warned us, to no avail.  What makes us money, money, money is what matters; not that which gives us Life!{color]


Hi Mom!!

Mine is:

You're The Deer
Deer Spirit Animal

What It Means To Be The Deer
When you have the deer as spirit animal, you are highly sensitive and have a strong intuition. By affinity with this animal, you have the power to deal with challenges with grace. You master the art of being both determined and gentle in your approach.

The deer totem wisdom imparts those with a special connection with this animal with the ability to be vigilant, move quickly, and trust their instincts to get out the trickiest situations
  "It pays to keep an open mind, but not so open your brains fall out."

― Carl Sagan


Like mother, like daughter, I always say.

The Beaver in Native American tradition teaches people to be productive and not limit their options. He teaches us to be persistent and to use available resources. The Beaver helps people understand the dynamics of teamwork and to appreciate each individual's talents and contributions in order to accomplish anything.

Johann Mc

Hope I can remember how to post here!  I just don't spend a lot of time on the computer anymore, but was remembering this morning that I first started posting on Senior Net in 1957 after I retired from the school system.  Hope you all are well!  It's a beautiful day here in Myrtle Beach, SC.  The ducks are on the lake and the squirrels are running around my backyard looking for food and I am taking a break from working on my income tax material.

Not sure if posting procedures have changed here so this is a trial run.  Hope all of you are well and I am so glad to see that the site is still functional.  Going to see if this posts and hopefully I will return periodically!


Johann Mc

[11]Hope all of you are doing well today!  It's a sunny beautiful day i Myrtle Beach, SC, and I would rather be outside than working on my income tax return.  The birds are at my birdfeeder and the squirrels are trying to get the food that falls to the ground underneath. I don't see a lot of familiar faces here but keep intending to join you more often.  Hard to believe it has been 25 years since I first posted on Senior