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Bosom Buddies

Started by Pat, March 29, 2016, 01:17:18 PM

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And the snow continues!  Temperatures are dropping and the wind continues.  It is a veritable winter wonderland...and quite pretty since I can sit here in my family room and look out on three sides and be warm and cozy.

I just turned on the Weather Channel and it looks like a lot of country from here to east and a bit south are in for Izzy...snow and ice for some of them...power out, etc.

Stay safe and healthy,



Hi everyone...we have had a few warm days but a cold norther with high wind is on the way here...Jane sounds cold where you are...My brother and SIL have both had the covid...she got over hers ok..but he had to be hospitalized over night due to low oxygen level...they are doing good...no vaccine.....hope everyone is doing well..be safe


Good Morning!

Darlene...good to see you this morning. 

 The neighbor's snow guy woke me up at 5:00 am with his Bobcat beeping as he did their driveway.  My snow girl's daddy is out doing my walks and driveway. It'll be all ready for more snow tomorrow. 

It's 11 now and don't think it's to get much more than into the low 20s.  The joints and muscles are very stiff, so not much happening here.  I did a little vacuuming and have a load of wash in...and that's about it for the day. 

Stay safe and healthy.



Good morning  Buddies.

I am looking into the devices. Right now  I am looking to see what Medical Guardian has to off. I will also look into te On The Go medical alert devices.

I really overdid it yesterday. I was so happy to get out and walk that I took the dogs for 3 walks plus Jeannie and I went shopping after lunch.
we walked every aisle of Dollar General and Dollar Tree, I also went to the feed store for dry dog food. So I paid for it last night.

Sharon I do have  Voltaren, (the prescription one)I' had this tube for years. I did order some Aspercream as well. I can order $40 in OTC stuff every quarter through my insurance that I don't have to pay for. It is so nice that I can also order on Keith's insurance.


Good morning, it's presently five above at nine AM. Yesterday I went shopping with friends, and it was raining on top of all those freshly cleared driveways, parking lots, and roads! Everywhere was ice, and it was the most amazing thing, we all agreed. Rain in the middle of one of our supposedly frigid months! The only thing I could compare it to would be a blizzard in July!


I decided to go with the Medical Guardian.


We got about an inch of snow, some freezing rain/ice, but didn't lose power. Everything is shut down here. Bunny wasn't happy about going out to do her thing but she did. John took her out today.

I did my laundry yesterday, folded it today, organized my meds and didn't do much else.  No church either here or online.

Hope you are all safe and warm.  Sharon


We had snow off and on all day. Lots in the morning, and then that was gone soon after noon. Then it started again midafternoon, and snowed  into nighttime. Temp near freezing this morning, and still plenty of snow and black ice on the roads. Glad I don't have to go anywhere.

Stay safe and warm, Buddies!
"When someone you love dies, you never quite get over it.  You just learn how to go on without them. But always keep them safely tucked in your heart."


Marilyn...glad you found an alert you liked.  Great your insurance will cover OTC stuff.  I'd not heard of that before.

Mary and Sharon...glad you don't have to go out in snow and ice. 

Patricia...rain and above zero! :thumbup:

I worked a bit this morning, clearing out my pantry.  Things just seem to accumulate.   :idiot2:

I needed room on lower shelves because I can't reach the higher ones easily.  SO...space made and another garbage bag out next Thursday.   ::)

Take care and stay safe!



Seems as if that snowstorm is settling in to stay awhile. We're still having occasional snow and rain with warn temperatures.


I think Patricia is sending COLD weather my way.  Temps for Wednesday...high to be 7 and low -12.  Thursday high = 2 and low=-17.

YEP, I will be INSIDE both days!! ;D


Our snow is over for now, roads are clear at least here in our center. The dining room is closed today & tomorrow but pickups or deliveries of meals available, so I don't have to cook. I will take Bunny out for the first time since the bad weather began in a few minutes. John has been doing it. We still have some mush ice on the grass, but only about 1/2 in deep if that. Temps are in the 30's to low 40's except at night when it dips below freezing. Nothing in comparison to you girls, but cold to us.

Marilyn, glad you decided on your alarm device. It should give you peace of mind.

I hope to play bridge tomorrow if my gals don't back out and they shouldn't.

Stay in and warm and safe. Darlene, enjoy your nice temps. Alpiner too. Sharon


Jane...disregard my message...I did have to sign in...thx anyway......


Sharon...good you didn't lose power and warmer temps will melt that ice, as you know. 

Darlene...glad you got logged back in!

Pedicure for me tomorrow and then I have groceries to pick up as well as a prescription. 

Covid numbers really high here again...well, the whole state...and even our Governor has it!  You all know I'm not a fan of hers!  Gee, maybe going to political things without a mask isn't very smart, Kim! 



]Good morning Buddies. The leg is getting better litle by little. Still painful. I am only supposed to take Tylenol as a pain reliever, however I did take Aleve yesterday as Tylenol didn't he;p one bit.

Today I am going to go to the Senior Center to pick up some Senior Nutrition lunches for Keith and I. Friday I will be having lunch with my Grand daughter Savannah.She and her boyfriend will be moving to Kansas in a couple of months and I want to spend some one on one time with her before they go.